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Woot! That's awesome, Wichu. I hope the interface also doesn't require to click to change every... single... last... bloody... pixel...

Well, I have hacked a little into Emerald and I quite agree with most of the other people's opinions here - it's really not all that much unstable, unless you're a complete idiot/n00b/idon00b and don't know what the hell you're doing. Heck, if you can find the tables, you can make any program work with it. The only thing I don't feel comfortable with Emerald is the fact that it has a lot less freespace (which to me, is a bit of a cozy blanket), but ROMs can be expanded to suit the needs (even though LIPS won't work with it after that)

...Am I the only person here who gets bored sometimes and removes stuff out of the rom just to see what it glitches up? It's a good way to learn what things do and where they are located.

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