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Aerodactyl lv50 ZJolly ID 01000
Bunery lv16 Mild ID 01000
Combee lvb20 ID 01000
Croagunk lv31 ID 01000
Eevee lv30 Hardy ID 01000
Finneon lv35 Id 01000
Licktung lv40 ID 01000
Miltank lv48 Calm ID 01000
Pachirisu lv10 Naive ID 01000
Pikachu lv20 Jolly ID 01000
Ponyta lv16 Naughty ID 01000
Shellos lv25 Relaxed ID 01000
Shroomish lv45 Jolly ID 01000
Snover lv41 Relaxed ID 01000
Staravia lv23 Jolly ID 01000
Tangela lv1 Naughty ID 01000
Vulpix lv 30 Naive ID 01000
Wailmer lv45 Lax ID 01000
Wynaut lv1 Relaxed ID 01000
Yanma lv45 Naughty ID 01000
Phione lv50 Quiet ID 01000

PCNYa Shedinja lv50 Quiet ID 00107
PCNYa Pikachu lv50 Mild ID 00317
PCNYa Cacturne lv50 Bold ID 00152
PCNYa Duskull lv50 Mild ID 00972
PCNYb Duskull lv50 Mild ID 00180
PCNYc Crawdaunt lv50 Docile ID 00609
PCNYc Aggron lv100 Careful ID 00601
PCNYc Pikachu lv50 Serious ID 00542
PCNYc Exploud lv50 Naughty ID 00605
PCNYc Wailord lv50 Modest ID 0610
PCNYc Gloom lv50 Bold ID 00148
PCNYd Salamence lv50 Sassy ID 00018
PCNYd Milotic lv35 Timid ID 00207
PCNYd Seviper lv18 Naive ID 00200
PCNYd Seadra lv45 Bashful ID 00069
PCNYd Altaria lv45 Naive ID 00247
PCNYd Zangoose lv18 Careful ID 00089
PCNYd Aggron lv100 Timid ID 00781

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