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Hey, look! It's Red!

You changed your avatar again, Charizard-kun!

Also, Yashi, we're begging you to post sometime near Sunday. Please?

We have cake I lied. We do have pie.

For pie, click here. No, it's not a rickroll.

Oooh, Pewter City. Brock gets horribly beaten up with our Water/Grass/Steel type moves. Charizard-kun, your battle will be the most difficult to pull off, since Steel is only x2 against Rock/Ground and it's not even a STAB move.

Damage calculations:

Bulbasaur's Vine Whip.

35 base power x1.5 STAB = 52.5 BP
52.5 x4 SE = 210 BP, which nukes Brock horribly.

Squirtle's Bubble.

20 base power x1.5 STAB = 30 BP
30 x4 SE = 120 BP, which doesn't nuke Brock horribly TOO much.

Charmander's Metal Claw.
50 base power x2 SE = 100 BP, which is roughly half of Vine Whip or something. Close to the power level of Bubble.


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