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Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
I haven't used AdvanceMap very much; the last time I used it was a few months ago, when I was messing around with tilesets (I was bored).
Anyway, in RPG Maker XP, the tile passability is set for the tileset, rather than the map. For example, a tree tile is automatically unpassable. So, do you think the system in ROMs is better (setting the passability for each tile on the whole map)? It gives you a bit of flexibility, at the expense of mapping time. Would implementing a system in AdvanceMap that automatically set the passability of every tile on the map, based on its position in the tileset, improve the ease of mapping, or just make it more confusing?
A-Map has no such function to my understanding, but I see what you're getting at. Most of the time when mapping, the tiles are usually the same when it comes to impassable tiles, but the system would fail with maps featuring several levels and requiring the 0 tile passibility setting (overlap of layers). You see, Pokemon, when generating maps like Lilycove City, requires different passibility levels even though they use the same tiles, just so they don't have to put an obstacle every single time there is a level change (like a row of rocks).

In the end, it would be a very useful feature, if it could be used in an .ini file, but in the end it would need to be an option or else it would be very difficult to work with maps like Lilycove.