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Quote originally posted by de_darkrai:
haha,lol....juz view ur pokes's info....


those of them will showed up in their OT...
Sorry, still can't tell which, you can check them yourself if you like.

Quote originally posted by Anis:
I would like to for you to please trade me Blaziken, Regigigas, Darkrai and Celebi (don't mind - whatever one you want to trade me). My name is Anis and my FC is 0517 4210 6117. Thanks for your time.
Sorry, not doing the give away atm.

Quote originally posted by Black Yoshi:
I am interested in these 3 shinies:
Baltoy lv14 Bold
Mime Jr lv16 Modest
Wynaut lv15 Bold

Does this count for the giveaway? If the answer is no CMT for offers.
Same as above, but I will check your thread though.
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