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Thanks everyone for your comments.

Originally Posted by Eos Aduro View Post
The number 8 one looks like an Ambush Bug, sort of! And they concepts are good, but there are a few things you may want to rework.

The left leg of the first sprite appears to be unconnected to the body, moving it to be aligned with the right leg may work.

The body of the Larvug appears 2 dimensional because of the shading.

The tip of Mostugs nose blends a little bit too much with its hand, maybe give it a darker outline. And its body also needs different shading.

The Ambush bug thing needs darker outlines, but its a great sprite nonetheless.

All of your spiritng is excellent still, but I found those things to be issues if you wanted to improve the sprites.
Thank for the advice!

Right now I made a few changes to 08, the "ambush" bug.

Originally Posted by Hyperpulse View Post
Mostug is my favourite, but how come only one of his hands has
an arm, and the other is floating?
Originally Posted by PBFHDude View Post
I think the arm is his nose
Yeah, the "arm" is its nose. I'll take Eos Aduro's advice and give it a darker outline. The hands float because it's supposed to be a ghost like Haunter or something.

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Your Camoufly is pretty monochromatic. Give it a little more color. And the line down the back seems awkwardly straight. Wouldn't it be rounder?

#9 looked like a heart, then I saw it's tiny, tiny eyes. Could it have bigger, more noticeable eyes? I like it's tiny, tiny legs, though. Go figure.
I agree it's monochromatic. I'm working on Camoufly's sprite right now; it's wings (back) became a headache.
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