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Hack of:
Percent Complete: 10%
Team: ScrapPunk
Rating: Teen

The setting is the Ryoko region nearly 1000 years after the occurences surronding Rayquaza in the Hoenn region.

You are one of only 21 citizens in the world who were chosen to go into Cryogenic slumber when Scientists around the world discovered that a new Ice Age was coming that would change the face of civilization. You were the backups in case mankind's coping strategies failed.

The name of the project was EDENCITY and each member of Edencity was chosen based on their unique genetic ability to survive harsh climates in the case that the world they awoke to was less than hospitable.

In the last days before you were placed in cryosleep, pokemon training fell out of popularity... trained pokemon were released by the millions by trainers who gave up their dream to become champion, and the Elite Four ceased to exist, along with all gyms. Mankind was sobering up... becoming cold and calculating, caring only to survive the coming ice age. Only the religious and superstitious still collected and trained pokemon.

Where trained pokemon used to be used for power production, transportation, hard labor, and experimentation, mankind turned to technology and new weapons and transportation advances were made.

One religion notably outcast itself from this turn in civilization, its members using and coexisting with pokemon as a way of life. This religion called itself Ragnarok after the Norse apocalypse. While they followed the a singular god, they adopted the practices of the Shinto religion and relied heavily on talismans and written enchantments, seemingly having found a way to tap into the power of the elements used by pokemon.

Your brother was a member of Ragnarok, and as a parting gift as you were to go into cryogenic sleep, he gave you a Tyrogue which he had hatched from an egg himself.

Your adventure begins when you exit your cryochamber to face whatever world nature has granted you.

1.New Items/Key Items with new functionality
2.Changed movesets and moves
3.Loss of several old pokemon to be replaced with new fakemon
4.Item Crafting
5.Massive cinematic scenes
6.TM and HMless move teaching

And MUCH much more, revolutionizing the future of romhacking itself.

Frostbite is meant to be a playable book. There are lots of lengthy dialogues and monologues, but rest assured, the new features in the game will make it worth talking for a measly fifteen minutes with a boy-crazy craftswoman, or sitting down to hear the life story of an elder thousands of years old. There is more story in this game than any hack I have known of previously... more story and history... If you want to compare this hack to anything, compare it to a Final Fantasy game. It is the intention of Scrappunk to make Frostbite worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Cross, and Legend of Dragoon. It may take us years to get there, but there will be hours of quality gameplay in this game, and it will leave you craving more.

Just trust that this is NOT your old pokemon game. Instead of the objective being to beat gyms and the elite four, the challenge is just to survive. There will be MANY side quests and unique elements to make this game a worthy addition to anybody's game collection.



If you want to take part in the construction of this game, go to the ScrapPunk recruiting thread and apply for a position. PM me if you have a great idea you would like to see in a new pokemon game. The purpose of this game is to entertain the masses. If the masses will contribute, then this will become something truly great.
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