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Originally Posted by PBFHDude View Post
to make it seem more noticable u could try taking a leaf out of haunter's book and try outlining the hands
like this

Just a suggestion
Thanks, I'm working on Mostug right now. In the meantime, I made this new Fakemon.

Name: ???
Type(s): Water / Ice
Species: Skii Pokémon
Abilities: Quick Feet / Swift Swim
Description: Its body has a similar structure to water, it can blend with it during rain or hailstorms.
Moves: Agility, Aqua Jet, Fake Tears, Hail, Rain Dance, Icy Wind, etc.

Comments: It has the shape of a tear drop but it also has skii feet.
Palettes: Manaphy
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My sprite showcase (w/Fakemon).

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