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Originally Posted by pokekingkian View Post
hi kits i know ive tried fakemon before its just i looked at a guide and have tried shading and i think it looks ok im not really asking you to put it in the game i just wanted some feedback and i think your the best person to give it 2 me thanks
I'll give it to you the nicest way I can...

Well to be honest I think your other ones were better. Which guide did you use?
And the shading looks more like markings, (like how a pikachu has brown on it's tail). When you make shading it should be about the dimensions, not the outlines. And I know shading isn't always easy. And I can't really tell if it's supposed to be a sprite or not because it's very small! Anyway, I don't think it'll make it to the game.

You might want to download something like GIMP, it's totally free and it's just like photoshop. I also just made a tutorial for it.
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