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Originally Posted by trebornosliw View Post
You've done a great job with this. I do have one question though; will the player be forced to stick to Ash's party, or can he still pick up whatever Pokemon he wants? If he's forced to stick to the original party, the gameplay might become a bit dull, but if you let him catch whatever, it might interfere with the flow of the story (for instance, he might be forced to use a Bulbasaur that doesn't exist).
Overall, great job so far!
Thanks! To answer your question, you aren't forced to have Ash's same party. So far when it's needed, like with releasing Butterfree, you can choose to bypass the event if you don't have that Pokemon - in the future I plan to have a similar option.

UPDATE: I've finished The Tower of Terror and am very close to finishing the events for Haunter versus Kadabra.
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