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HeartGold and SoulSilver FAQ

So, this is pretty much a requirement since so many of the same questions keep seeping in - and they're the same questions every single time. Time to address the frequent ones - new ones added whenever someone feels like it. If you think a question is frequent enough and isn't covered here, contact either the mods of this forum, bobandbill and Hirro, or me, the thread creator.

Guides shall be added soon for more specific things, and in-depth analysis. First post is for general questions. Try the Control+Find feature (Ctrl + F for Windows) to quickly find the question you are looking for if it is covered in here thus far.

General questions/storyline problems (This post)

General Known Info (2nd post)

PokeWalker Guide by yaminokame (3rd post)

General Questions

What are HeartGold/SoulSilver?
They're the latest Pokemon games in the main handheld series by Game Freak! They are also remakes of the 2nd Generation games Gold and Silver (with events from Crystal also added in), now with updated gameplay, updated graphics, remixed music, and so forth.

When are these games coming out?
The games have already come out in Japan, since September 12th, 2009, but is yet to be released anywhere else. Currently the release date for America is MARCH 14TH 2010, Australia/New Zealand 25th March and Europe 26th March.

Are the games only for the DSi?
No. These games are compatible with both the DS, DS Lite and DSi.

Will these games work on my DS if I import?
Yes. The DS is not region coded. However, you will not be able to connect the games with Wii games from a different language. (For instance, English versions of Pokémon Battle Revolution will only connect to English US and English PAL games, where Japanese versions will connect with Japanese games only.)

Will I be able to go to Kanto in these games? What about Hoenn and Sinnoh?
Yes, you can go to Kanto. As with Gold and Silver, to access Kanto you must first obtain all eight Johto League Badges. (To fully access Kanto, you must defeat the Pokémon League.) No other regions are accessible.

Can I trade with D/P/Pt? If so, when?
Yes, you can. You can do so once you get the Pokedex - i.e. very early in the game.

My game keeps crashing.
Buy the game rather than pirate, then!

Storyline Help - How to Beat the Game
For the little changes that you can't understand due to the game being in Japanese, or the tricky parts in the game. Spoilers may be within!

What did Prof. Elm tell me to do in the beginning of the game?
He tells you to go to Mr Pokemon's house to pick something up. Walk east through Cherrygrove Town and head north. Take the eastern path up until you see a house - go into it. Talk to the people there and get the Pokedex and the mystery item from Mr Pokemon inside. Once you leave you'll get a phone call from Elm to head back to the lab, so do so and give him the item.

How can I battle the Violet City Gym Leader? I'm not allowed inside the gym!
Go to Spout Tower (the tower beyond the bridge to the right and north of the gym) and battle your way to the top, and beat the Elder at the end first.

I beat the gym leader, but the guy south of Violet City stops me from passing!
Go to the Pokemart in Violet City and talk to the Aide there, and accept the egg from him first. (You need a spare slot in your party). Then you can go south of Violet City.

How do I get past the guy and the Cut Tree in Ilex Forest?
You have to, after beating the Gym Leader (Bugsy), rescue two Farfetch'd by cornering them. They will always run if you talk to them and they are already facing you. The trick is to have them stand in a corner, make them look at one direction by stepping on a tree branch so they look at you, and then walk around the other way and press A at them while they are still looking at said tree branch (i.e. don't walk on any other tree branches to cause them to look at you again).

I can't get into the Goldenrod (3rd) gym!
You have to get a Radio card from the Radio Tower for your PokeGear. Talk to the lady to the right behind the desk on the 1st Floor, and answer her quiz correctly to get it. The correct answers are in this order: Top, Top, Bottom, Top, Bottom.

Goldenrod's gym leader won't give me the badge when I beat her!
Walk away a few steps so the NPC talks to you, and then talk to her again, and she'll give it to you.

I'm north of Goldenrod and the National Park and I can't get past a dancing tree!
Beat Goldenrod's gym leader and get the badge first first, and then visit the flower shop (in the north, right-side of Goldenrod - right next to the gym). Talk to the lady there and she'll give you a Squirtbottle. Use that on the tree to reveal its true form (Sudowoodo), and battle it to get past. (You can catch it!)

I cannot get into the Ecruteak (4th) gym!
Go to the Burnt Tower (north-west corner of Ecruteak), and go down the ladder after beating your rival to scare away the 3 Pokemon there. Then you can go beat the gym.

Where's HM Strength?
It is no longer in Olivine City's restaurant. Rather, go east of Ecruteak towards the water - before you can reach it a hiker will walk out of the cave and talk to you, and give you the HM.

I can't get to the Gym in Olivine City! (The port city)
You have to go to the top of Olivine Lighthouse first (to the east of Olivine City), and talk to Jasmine there with the Ampharos. Then surf south-west until you reach Cianwood City. Talk to the pharmacist (shop in the south part of the town), and get the SecretPotion key item. Then go back to Olivine and the Lighthouse and give it to the Ampharos. (Handy hint - beat Cianwood's gym first, and gain the ability to Fly back to Olivine instead of surfing!)

What do I do in Mahogany Town/Get past the man to the east of it?
Go north to the Lake of Rage (hint - don't go via the Gatehouse during this as every time you do so you loss $1000) and surf to the middle of it, where you will see a Red Gyarados. Battle/Catch it, and surf back south. Talk to Lance (person with a Dragonite behind him, standing by the sign), and go back to Mahogany. Go to the 'shop' (next to the odd-looking tree with antenna sticking out), and from there infritrate the hideout. Once you beat it, you will get HM Whirlpool, and you can then battle the gym leader.

I can't get through Ice Path because a man is stopping me!
After beating the 7th gym, you have to fly back to Goldenrod and get through Radio Tower.

A person is stopping me get past the first floor in Radio Tower!
Go to the Goldenrod Underground, and talk to the Rocket Grunt there to go under disguise, and head back to Radio Tower and talk to the person by the stairs first.

Once you beat the fake Director on the 5th floor, go back to the Underground and use the Key you got on a locked door there. Battle your way through, beat the switch puzzle (pay attention to the colours of the floor and switches - easy way = middle, right, left), and talk to the real Director who will give you a Swipe Card Key item. Go back to the top of the Radio Tower, using the Swipe Card on the 3rd floor to access the rest. The rest is straightforward.

A Kimono girl is blocking my way in Ice Path at the end!
Navigate yourself behind here (so you are standing next to and north of her), and talk to her. Select the top option to push her away.

The 8th Gym Leader Clair (Blackthorn City's) won't give me a badge when I beat her!
Go outside and get Pokemon that know Surf and Whirlpool. Surf north of the gym and go into the Cave to Dragon's Den. Navigate your way around the left hand-side past the Whirlpool and go inside the building. You will have to answer a quiz from the Elder there to get your gym badge. (It doesn't matter if you select incorrectly as the question will be just repeated, but there is an advantage to getting it correct... Correct answers are Top, Top, Bottom, Top, Middle.

I don't know where to go after getting all the gym badges/I can't surf east of New Bark Town!
First, go back to Elm's lab and talk to him to get the Master Ball. Then, go to Ecruteak and the Dance Theatre, and beat all 5 Kimono girls in a row.

Then, if you are playing HeartGold, go to the building north of Ecruteak and talk to the Elder to make him move to the side. Go past and outside and into the Tin Tower. Go to the top by navigating your way through the puzzle, and once there, talk tot he Kimon girl to call down Ho-oh. Battle/Capture it (the latter is highly recommended =P).

If you are playing SoulSilver, go to the Whirl Islands (bring surfing Pokemon and something which knows Whirlpool. Flash is also recommended - the elder in Spout Tower gives that to you). Go inside the north-eastern island. Take the top route and go down the ladder, then head south-west towards another ladder. Follow the way until you see an old man/sage and talk to him, then walk past him down and into the cave. Talk to the Kimono girls to activate Lugia. Battle/Capture it (the latter is highly recommended =P)..

After that, you can go back to New Bark Town. Surf East to start heading towards Indigo Plateau and the Elite Four.

What HMs do you need to reach the Elite Four?
Surf and Waterfall to get to the Victory Road gate (which you can fly from and to so you change your party by going back and forth), with Whirlpool optional for items/a trainer battle. In Victory Road itself, you need Strength, and Rock Smash for the many items there.

I can't beat the Elite Four!
Train your Pokemon more! Battle Pokemon in Victory Road, look for trainers you may have missed (such as in Union Cave via Surfing, South of Goldenrod via Surfing, etc), and while you do so, trainers may call you for a rematch (they will mention the Route Number if they want to fight you again/give you something, and if you examine the map, exclamation marks on routes indicate there's the trainer waiting for you).

Also examine your team - a well-varied team will help more, especially ones with decent movesets. Also, Ice moves help in particular for the last battle.

What do I do after beating the Elite Four?
Why, explore Kanto, of course! Either go to Victory Road gate and head east to Viridian, or talk to prof Elm to get the SS Anne Ticket first, go to Olivine City and go to the port. Talk to Oak to get the National Dex, and then catch the ship (S.S. Anne) which will take you to Kanto.

I'm on the ship to Kanto, and I can't get off the ship! Help!
For the first trip, you have to find the man's lost child. Go downstairs and talk to a sailor to the right who is blocking your way. Go back up and look in one of the rooms for a sailor who is sleeping in bed. Talk to him and battle him. Then go back past the sailor downstairs and talk to the girl there. Different from GSC, you now have to play the game. She's to the left, hiding behind a wall on the level with the sailor who blocked you way. Then get the Metal Coat from the man as thanks for finding her, and then the ship will pull in.

Any other time, to arrive, simply sleep in your bed (yoru room is to the right and south side of the main level).

There's a Snorlax blocking my way/I can't get to the west side of Kanto!/I can't get into Cerulean Gym!
The Snorlax is blocking Diglett Cave which goes right to Pewter City. You have to do a sidequest first. Go to the Power Plant, which is in the north-east corner of Kanto (north of Lavender Town and after Rock Tunnel, and east of Cerulean City). Surf around to get to it - it is a bit south of the Pokemon Centre. Go inside and talk to the people, and when you leave you will be stopped and talked to by the officer there. Go back to Cerulean City and into the gym, and a Rocket Grunt will run out. Go north of Cerulean City onto Route 24 and Nugget Bridge and talk to him/battle him. Then go back to the gym, and find the part. (Go to the right, up and around to the left and examine the swimming equipment next to the pool, such as the rubber ring, to find it). Or go here and check that part:

Then take it back to the Power Plant and give it to the...chubby man there. Power will be running now. Go to Lavender Town and into the Radio Tower and talk to the Director there who will expand your radio in the Pokegear. Go to the Snorlax and go to the radio. You will have to manually move the frequency to the very top, and a touch to the left ot access a different radio channel - the Pokeflute should start playing once you find it. Then talk to Snorlax which will wake up and battle you.

To activate Cerulean gym after this, go north of Cerulean into Route 24/25 and battle your way to the end - she will be standing on the cape. Talk to her and she will go back to her gym.

Alternatively, to get to the Eastern Part of Kanto, fly to Victory Road Gate and head east to Viridian, or surf south and west of Fuchsia City.

How do I open Viridian's Gym?
Talk to Blue (or in the Japanese versions, Green) on Cinnabar Island after you've beaten the other gym leaders in Kanto (i.e. have 15 gym badges). Then he'll go back to Viridian gym.

Where is Cinnabar/Blaine's gym?
It is at the Seafoam Islands. Go via the southern entrance (via surfing from Cinnabar) and go up the ladder to find the gym.

How do I get to Mt Silver/West of Victory Road to battle Red?
Beat all of the Kanto Gym Leaders first. Then, talk to Prof. Oak in Pallet Town, who will activate the way and give you the HM Rock Climb. Go to Mt Silver by heading west of Victory Road gate and climb to the top to battle Red. You'll need Rock Climb, and Stength/Rock Smash (optional for items).

To re-battle him, first battle Lance and Clair in a double battle with your Rival by talking to him in Dragon's Den, and then beat the Elite Four's new teams to re-activate him again.

Other general questions, such as about important key items and places not necessary to 'beat' the game up to Red.

How do I control the pieces for the Ruins of Alph puzzles?
Press and drag them to move them via the stylus, and tap them to rotate.

What are Apricorns good for?
Apricorns are good for a few things in these games. You can have Kurt turn them into special Pokeballs, and turn them into Juice to give to your Pokemon to increase their Pokethlon stats.

How do I get Apricorns?
Talk to the man inside the first house you see walking north of Cherrygrove Town (2nd town in the game) to get the Apricorn Case. Then examine Apricorn Trees to get one. (There's one right by the Apricorn Case Man's house for reference). You can get one Apricorn per tree per day.

Where is the Itemfinder?
Go inside the house in-between Ecruteak's Gym and Pokemon Centre and answer yes (top option) to the man's question to get it. It is touch-screen operated.

How do I get Headbutt?
Talk to the man headbutting trees in Ilex Forest. He will then offer to teach your Pokemon the move unlimited times.

How do I grow berries and get them?
You get the Berry Planter during the storyline which replaces soil you put berries in, meaning you literally carry the berry trees with you (no need to roam the region to check them!) - after getting/beating Sudowoodo (the dancing tree north of Goldenrod/west of Violet City), the girl there will give it to you. Then you can place berries in the pots (select a pot and then the 2nd option, and then choose a berry), and water them (select any pot and the 1st option to water. Tap other pots/press left/right to water them as well to save from doing it individually.

Your in-game mother will frequently buy you berries, which you can pick up from the delivery man in any Pokemon Mart - the type-reducing-damage berries. Also the man by Violet City's Pokemon Centre gives you some (such as Oran berries, Lum, other early ones), and the man by Fuchsia's Pal Park (the old Safari Zone) will give you others (such as the PokeBlock/Poffin berries, and the EV-reducing berries).

What's with Miltank Farm?
The Miltank in the left building is sick. Feed it plenty of Oran Berries to make it feel better - once it is completely healthy, you can get a few items (like a TM) from people in the farm, and buy MooMooMilk (which heals 100HP).

How do I get PokeSeals?
You can get the case from the girl by the sick Miltank once you heal it up by giving it plenty of Oran Berries. You'll also get a few seals, and can get more from there.

How do I get to the Safari Zone?
Once you beat Cianwood Gym Leader Chuck you can go west of Cianwood through the cave to route 46/7. Keep heading up and north and you'll get there.

How do I customise the Safari Zone?
First, catch a Geodude in the Safari zone and show it to the man sitting in the reception area. He'll then call you the next day (it's a forced call so you can't miss it when it happens) and by using the machine by the front counter, you can switch around the areas, which give you access to more Pokemon.

Once you catch a Sandshrew there and show it to him, the next day he will call again to tell you you can now place objects (like trees, statues, etc) to the Park. Different items will attract different Pokemon.

Where's the Pokethlon? And what is it?
It is west of the National Park (north of Goldenrod), and can be reached after beating the 3rd gym leader. It is a minigame place, where three of your Pokemon compete in events against others to gain points and win. You can use these points to buy items and use Apricorn Juice to increase Pokemon Pokethlon stats, and the aim is to beat all of the records in every event. Think Contests, but more interactive. Find out more in the Known Info Thread.

Are there any Contests in these games?
No. It is replaced by the Pokethlon.

Is there a Pal Park/what happened to Kanto's Safari Zone?
Yes. The Safari Zone in Kanto is replaced by a Pal Park. Unlike in D/P/Pt, there is no 6-Pokemon-a-day-transfer-limit in place.

Can I find Hoenn/Sinnoh Pokemon in these games?
Yes, after beating the Elite Four. The Bug-catching competition has them on Thursdays and Saturdays, and they can be found in the Safari Zone as well. They can swarm in places (find out what the swarm of the day is by listening to Prof. Oak's Pokemon show). Specific Hoenn Pokemon will appear in routes when you have the Pokemon March radio channel playing on Wednesdays (Hoenn music plays), and Sinnoh Pokemon will appear if you play the channel on Thursdays (Sinnoh music plays). They can also appear in trees in Kanto, or trees accessible via Rock Climb in Johto.

How do I get the Magnet Train to work?
First, beat the Power Plant side-quest in Kanto to get power up and running again. Then, talk to the Copycat girl in a house just south of the Magnet Train station in Saffron City. Then go to the Pokemon Fan Club south in Vermillion City and get the Clefairy Doll by talking to the man sitting next to it. Give it back to the Copycat Girl and she'll give you a Magnet Train pass, allowing you to go on it.

How do I get the Kanto/Hoenn starters?
Talk to Oak after beating Red to get your choice of the Kanto starters. Talk to Steven Stone in Sliph Co in Saffron City once beating the Magnet Train side-quest and talking to him in Pewter City's museum to get your choice of the Hoenn starters.

How do I get the GB Player to play old GSC tunes?
Beat all 16 gym leaders, and then go to Celodon City mansion. Talk to the man by the globe, and he'll give it to you. Simply use it to change back and forth between HG/SS music, and GSC music. Also, on Sundays the music channel will play GSC tunes, including ones you can't normally hear like the old title screen music.

Are the day people from GSC back?
Yes. They reappear in the same places as they did before, and will give you a type-boosting item if you talk to them on their day (e.g. Frida of Friday will appear above the Pokemon Centre south of Violet City/by Union Cave and give you a Poison Barb if you talk to her).

Can I rebattle Gym Leaders?
Yes. Their teams get updated to a full part of 6, get a level boost (level 50-60s) and can be rebattled infinitely. You must obtain their phone number by finding them around Johto/Kanto at a specific day and time, and then call them for a re-match in another specific day and time period (they can be battled as many times during that period, though). They will appear in Saffron City's Fighting Dojo. For now, check how to battle them all here:

Is there a Battle Frontier?
Yes - it is west of Olivine City and can be entered once beating the Elite Four. It is the same as Platinum's (bar move tutors), so it is also compatible with Platinum's Battle Frontier.

Are the GTS and WiFi minigames back?
Yes and yes. The GTS is the same as Platinum's and can be found in Goldenrod City, west of the Radio Tower. Wifi minigames are back as well, and the same as Platinum's so they can be played with someone with Platinum.

When Pokemon follow you, does the fact that they are shiny or not show up?
Yes - any Pokemon that is shiny will appear to be so when they follow you about, not just the Red Gyarados.

What are the best places/Pokemon to EV train on?
  • HP
    • Hoot-hoot (1pt)
    • Location: Basically everywhere, and quite common. A few areas, Route 1-6.
    • Bellsprout & Ekans (1pt)
    • Location: Route below Violet City
    • Geodude, Onix, Rhyhorn (1pt)
    • Location: Rock Tunnel, Dark Cave, Union Cave
    • Metapod and Kakuna (2pts)
    • Location: Ilex Forest
    • Ghastly (1pt)
    • Location: Sprout Tower
    • Tentacool (1pt)
    • Tentacruel (2pts)
    • Location: West of Cherrygrove City - Surf on water
    • Magikarp (1pt)
    • Location: Fish in any body of water using the Old Rod