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NEW! Marowak's RB revamp.

NEW! Two new Pokémon: Doduo pre-evo and Paradise Pokémon, Pavidisus.

Name: Dodo
Type(s): Normal / Flying
Species: Small Bird Pokémon
Abilities: Run Away / Early Bird
Description: Though it has small legs it can fastly run away from possible predators.
Moves: Pin Missile, Spikes, Peck, Drill Peck, etc.
Evolution Chain: Evolves into Doduo at Lv15.

Comments: Based on kiwi birds.
Palettes: Doduo

Name: Pavidisus
Type(s): Grass / Flying
Species: Paradise Pokémon
Abilities: Chlorophyll
Description: It's beautiful crest is said to bring happiness to anyone who touches it.
Moves: Razor Leaf, Wing Attack, Agility, Drill Peck, Peck, etc.
Evolution Chain: Does not evolve.

Comments: It's based on bird of paradise plant.
Palettes: Dustox, Shiftry, Blastoise, custom blue by me.
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