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Originally Posted by skeddles View Post
i've seen people ask this but can't get an answer

I use advancemap 1.92

For some warps when you step on them the screen goes black. Music still plays but nothing happens.

The warps in and out of the room work in advance map. Is there a fix/reason for this?
This can be due to the map you're going to - some of them have a bad map footer offset or other equally cryptic problems (try warping to a different map, preferably one that was used by the game and is unmodified, if that works then it's your target map's fault).

Originally Posted by Fan King View Post
I was testing my rom, and I went into one of the caves and I tried moving around, but I could only move a few steps in some directions, can anybody help me out in trying to fix this?

Also, one of the warps in my town restarts the game when I step on do I also fix this?
Both of these need a little more elaboration... the best ways of getting help in situations where everyone is otherwise clueless are: giving an IPS patch (if you don't mind giving it away), giving screenshots, or TeamViewer (be careful to correctly set TeamViewer's settings!)

Remember that if you choose TeamViewer, you should only give your temporary password to someone you trust.
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