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Quote originally posted by tpravetz:
Sorry... I jut figured out how to make userbars, so I've just been messing around...


PHP Code:
Well, it helps. So, I added it to the first post. Same with any Userbars that anyone would like to post.

Anyways, update time (small one):
You get the National Dex as soon as you receive the Pokédex. I just added the "special" flag to the original script for that event.

Screen time:
Plus, I'm de-capitalizing most of the Menu text. Ex: Pokédex, Save, Option, etc. and entire game text.

Examples of Pokédex text being worked on. Some entries are the actual ones. Others, are combinations of reals ones and others are ones I made up that I think may fit the Pokémon.
Hacks I'm currently working on:
DarkCopper (Only at 1st Gym Area)

My X/Y Team: