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Quote originally posted by Arcelio:
I was reading through this thread, when out of nowhere, I saw the name L...awesome! Will Light/Raito play anypart in this? Leader of Team Death maybe? And do you need any beta-testers? I would love to help out with this game.

Name/Alias: Arcelio, Celio
Job Wanted: Beta-Tester
Proof of Work: Not much that can be used to show beta-testing. I can refer you to ThePastaThrower, and Ray Marverick for my past experience.
Contacts: [email protected]
Reason For Wanting To Join: I'm always looking for hacks that bring something new to game. New starters. items, story, anything. I don't have much skills outside of beta-testing, but I am really good at bt-ing. I can spot bugs and hacks quickly, I have a lot of free time on my hands, I come up with good inovative ideas from time to time, and I'm not that bad of a guy to work with.

Thank you for considering me.
I may put Light in, I'm not 100% sure if he'll be in.

Why not, welcome aboard.


Another small update:

I've de-capitalized the PC as in (Computer where you put your Pokémon), Natures, Options, Abilities, etc.
Hacks I'm currently working on:
DarkCopper (Only at 1st Gym Area)

My X/Y Team: