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Originally Posted by trebornosliw View Post
This hack is terrific. I just started playing, and I'm already blown away by the plot depth, the great new ideas, and the exquisite mapping and scripting (I can't script worth a darn, but you've done some great scenes). Keep it up, this is absolutely terrific.
Oh, I have one suggestion. Since you're forced to start with Cyndaquil, I think you should give that particular Cyndaquil the ability to learn abnormal moves. Just a thought. Again, great job!

And one more thing... I just picked up a Rare Candy and wound up with 16 in my bag. Also, Oak gave me 10 potions. The 10 potions is cool, but 16 Rare Candies before the first gym? Is this a glitch?

Does the alpha end with the guy who wants you to find his glasses?
Thanks for the input. Abnormal moves, sounds like a good idea. Do you have any in mind?

And there are no gyms in Eruption.. There will be something better:
More trainers and superior individuals :D

The rare candy thing, I only used to get past some parts because I didn't feel like battling/losing etc. It was only to help me. I'll replace it with another useless item(X ATTACK) XD

Originally Posted by Munchlax™ View Post
So Cooley, how's the progress on Eruption going?
Good luck!:D
Well mapping is great, I've done up to the BETA, but I just can't seem to fix this sprite bug for some reason.. But if I remove it, I'd have to rethink the event outline, which shouldn't be a problem.

Originally Posted by YPro. View Post
I really like em screenies!
They look soo cool.

Originally Posted by Spriteman97 View Post
I don't know if this has been posted, but after I got the blackglasses, there was a tile that I couldnt go through, so I pressed it, and the game froze...
Ooh, that doesn't sound to good... I'll try and fix it right away. Thanks for telling me