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Quote originally posted by alo123:

They both say that

He still says that after I caught the charmander

It is missing an O at the beginning

The word gets cut off

The warp is not working

His name is missing a B

When you walk out and walk back in he's a pokemon again

You can walk on the water there and wild water pokemon battle you

Weird there's water there

It looks like part of his hair is missing

They say the same thing and both are missing a T

It's missing a Y

It's missing a C

It's missing an O

You can walk on that building

The trees are in the ocean

It's missing a B

More bugs I found

Also if you evolve pikachu does it mess up the other events
I just released my butterfree
Did anyone else release theirs to the event
I just finished the beta and I have to say it is the best anime
hack I have ever played
Thanks so much for finding all these errors, alo! Two things - the hole right before the Squirtle event doesn't have a warp. I just wanted it to be a hole that you can get out of, unlike in the Hidden village. Also, where you can sort of walk on water near Bill's, I wanted it that way so that you can catch Krabby on the beach without having to fish or surf.

Thanks for the kind words aobut it being the best anime hack. Please vote for it for hack of the week if you get the chance.

Quote originally posted by Shadow Pokemon Trainer Konta:
how do i patch it to fire red i dowloded and saved ashgray and fire red i dont have eney saved file i just dont now how to patch
You need an application - I used IPS XP. Open the patch with that and it will allow you to patch Fire Red.

Quote originally posted by Keith5920:
Thanks, got it fixed now.

Besides a few bugs and glitches, the game is fun and reminds me alot of the anime. Good job!
Thanks! Sorry about that tree. I might end up removing it and making it unpassable with a fence or something.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Hey there's lots of missing letters... it's like a bug...
Yeah, it's been doing that sometimes. Not sure what the deal is, it's fixable, but it's easy for it to get messed up again ...

Quote originally posted by Firelizard:
This is pretty ace so far... I'm just a bit confused with the Viridian Forest bit... After we beat Bug Catcher SAMURAI, I presume we shouldn't go in the cabin with him? Because when I tried to do that, the game just went black with the forest music stuck... Heh... Maybe Ash gets killed by the Beedrill?
[also, it's been years since I watched the anime... I think Britain was showing the very last episode of the 1st series for the first time when I stopped watching and just played the game...]
Also, WOO! this is my first post on pokecommunity!!!
Welcome to the forums!

Well, the game's not supposed to go black when you go in the samurai's house - I'll look into that. He's actually supposed to yell at you for letting the Weedle escape, then heal your Pokemon for you.
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