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*hides from impatient readers* Hey, I did get it up faster this time. XD
Anyway, I'm sorry that I have to correct real revealing this chapter. >>;;; I mixed something up, the revealing of Cynthia's plan with the Eevee egg comes in Chapter 7 c or d (the one I was writing back then, so yeah, I mixed it up. >.< Sorries.)
Nevertheless, onto the next chapter! (And I double-checked the 'yet' this time, so there shouldn't be so many now anymore...)

6. Chapter, Part 3: Sorceresses

It was a perfect morning. The air was fresh, the sky bright, and spring was getting more and more power, almost dwindling into summer already. It was soon going to be May, yet nights could still get very cold in the mountains. And during these nights, one was happy if he had a warm bed. Even better if one was not forced to sleep alone in an empty bed. Yet, sometimes, the surprise of waking up next to someone was a bit greater than the happiness of it. Sometimes, that ended up as a serious argument.

And sometimes, it was just playful teasing.

“I thought I was sleeping next to a monster!” She laughed so hard, fastening her paces so much Will had to run not to lose her. They were on their way to the dining room, playfully chasing each other over the area of the hotel, a pastime which was really wasting their time, though both of them didn’t feel that way. Both were rather glad that they had the chance to be that close for a few more days. Sabrina was not really angry that she had woken up next to him that day. It had only been a shock for a minor time, for the brief flutter of memory where she had seriously wondered what she had been up to yesterday. But then, everything had come up again, from her computer search to her sleepiness. She had given him a summary of her findings, but he had shrugged it off, thinking that if they kept quiet now, Lance would never notice, and there would be a way to dump the egg somewhere. He seemed to be a bit too careless for Sabrina’s taste, but his positivity had rubbed off onto her and now, she found herself racing after Will like a mischievous child, not caring about her reputation and just enjoying herself. She could scold him with her worries later. Or never.

“Gotcha!” She cried, grabbing his vest’s collar and pulling him closer to her, both ending up in another embrace. Naughtily, Sabrina smiled at her fellow psychic and kissed him, something she now jokingly called ‘training’, as she still had to perfect her skills at French-kissing.

Slowly, he broke the kiss, smiling at her sympathetically. “Still, there’s something I don’t understand...” The elite trainer mused, looking at the bright blue sky above them.

“Hm?” Sabrina leaned back, out of his arms, against the empty air. Yet, a slight blue flickering gave her use of her powers away. “You mean about the Eevee egg?”

Will nodded slowly. “Yeah, and about the whole registration mix-up...I mean, why would Lucian and Cynthia not recognize anything that was registered under their name? That does not make any sense...”

Sabrina shrugged, playing with his hands in hers. “Maybe Lucian was acting? Cynthia didn’t seem to be surprised at all and Lucian...well, for my taste, he was a bit too excited. Besides...” Sabrina leaned closer to him again, with a questioning, yet mischievous smile. “Do we even know for sure it’s Lucian and Cynthia the registration number belongs too?”

Will pushed her away, annoyed, and started to walk to the dining room. “Well, how many even more obvious hints do you want? A Garchomp, Sabrina. And a Lucario. How many of these do we have here in Indigo? Hundreds? I think not.”

She stayed were she was, watching him depart. “Exactly. It has to be a tourist. Any tourist. Indigo City gets a lot of these, you know?” It was almost a sarcastic question.

Will rolled his eyes. “Still, isn’t it a bit too much of a convenience? Now the only thing we need would be the colours of the women’s clothes, and then we would know for sure, you know.” He laughed.

Sabrina mimicked his annoyed expression from seconds ago. “Don’t make fun of Cynthia’s style, as I like it. And anyway, not all Pokemon matched those of Cynthia and Lucian. I can’t remember Lucian owning an Espeon.”

Will froze. “Lucian’s Espeon was on that list?”

The gym leader blinked. She didn’t get her boyfriend’s reaction, his sudden uneasiness. “Um, yeah, there was a male Espeon on the list. It had arrived a bit later, on the same day as the egg, but it was there nonetheless.”

Will looked downwards. He felt dreaded, as if all sunshine had suddenly disappeared, as if time had just spun backwards and it was winter again. Soul winter. He knew that feeling oh so well, it was something he had seen often enough displayed with his girlfriend and now it was his turn. “Cynthia told me about Lucian’s Espeon having disappeared, probably being stolen.”

Sabrina froze as well.‘She fell onto her back, and only managed to push some dark blue cloth out of her view in time to see something lavender coloured jumping through the storeroom window.’


Karen leaned against the wall of Lance’s office, her arms crossed, eyes darkening, and this time, it had nothing to do with her powers. She was in deep thought, though her mind was troubled. Lance was acting off. He might have always been a bit paranoid, but in his position, caution was better than casualties. Better having locked your door once too much than one bullet more in your chest. Yet, he had never locked himself off in the office for a whole day. And he had certainly never completely ignored one of his elite’s wishes to meet him. He may postpone it to a later date, but never call it off for good, without even suggesting another time or day. This was very unlike old Lance.

However, it was typical for the new Lance. The one that had simply dumped his girlfriend between lunch and afternoon’s meeting, the one that had not spoken once to Claire or their relatives since the break-up and had sent back all her belongings via the post and without one word. The new Lance that clung to Cynthia as if he was her newest black accessory.

Karen pushed herself away from the wall, giving up her senseless and fruitless waiting. There was a chance that Lance already knew about this little incident in his employee’s earlier life and while she did want to bother him as much as possible, she couldn’t if he didn’t even open the door. She might give up as well and try to find someone else to drive mad. And then there was still the little ‘project’ she had taken up...

Just as she was about to leave the hallway, the door did open. But it was not Lance that walked out of it. Lance was not wearing high heels, and he was not wearing a long, black coat. And he was certainly not female.

“Oh, nice to meet you.” Cynthia walked up to the other elite trainer, shaking her hand without even waiting for Karen’s reaction. The dark trainer just stared at Cynthia, emotionless and body stiff, her hand shaking mechanically. Sinnoh’s champ didn’t seem to mind, not even to notice at all. Her smile was never pausing, never breaking. “You must be the second new elite trainer of Lance's, dark trainer Karen Schwartz, right?”

She nodded. “Yes, this is correct.” Her lips pressed together tightly, she wondered just what had mesmerized Lance so much. Sure, Cynthia was beautiful, but Lance had never been the type to fall for superficiality, not when his whole reputation was at stake, not to mention his relationship with his family, who had made him Claire’s destined husband. For the public, Lance had been the clean fighter for morals, even though his money business was not as spotless as he may have wished for. No matter how many times one thought about it and searched for reasons, Lance’s behaviour was just not comprehendable.

“What brings you to dear Lance’s office?” Karen asked evenly, not showing her deep interest in the topic openly.

Cynthia lowered her head, closing her eyes and playing with one strand of her bright blond hair. “Oh, nothing important. I just wanted to ask Lance if I could borrow his two psychics to do me a little...favour.”

“Favour...” Karen repeated, her tongue dancing over the emphasis of the word. She wondered, should she warn the two or was that too merciful? Was there even a reason to worry? About those two? Worry, from her, the dark trainer?

Cynthia looked over Karen’s short, black dress, her bare arms and legs and her slender, shining black lacquer shoes. “We seem to have a lot in common, Miss Schwartz,” she said, indicating her own favour of the colour.

Karen nodded sourly. “And not only that.”


“Sabrina, if you freak out, this is not going to help either of us!” Will cried, trying to follow the psychic gym leader, who had been close to running around in circles in her desperation.

“Will!” she growled. He was way too calm for her taste, way too calm for the way she felt. “Lance is going to murder me! How should I not freak out?!”

Her boyfriend crossed his arms, raising one eyebrow in questioning his girlfriend’s sanity. “He is not really going to make that threat come he?”

Sabrina’s eyes darkened. “If he’s not going to kill me, then he will at least dismiss me and that is even worse!”

Will rolled his eyes. “Oh, yes, that is even worse....” He shook his head. “Sabrina, please, just stop worrying, everything will sort out itself, you know, it-“

“Sort itself out?!?” She started to scream, her voice reaching octaves they had never climbed up before, as the calm, resolved Sabrina had never felt the need to scream at someone, especially someone she normally held so dear. But then, she did. “Will, I am going to get into deep trouble, because it’s my fault THAT AN ELITE TRAINER’S POKEMON GOT STOLEN!!” She growled. “It’s not as easy to hide as the mix-up, dear Will. There were witnesses- the post office workers-heck, even Hunter J herself might blame me!” She clenched her fists, closing her eyes tightly to block out reality and some unwanted tears. “I was there, Will. I saw Lucian’s Espeon escaping... I saw Hunter J following it...if someone is at fault, if someone can even be at fault, it’s me. I failed to stop her. So I am going to get blamed if it gets out. And it will get out, as surely as we stand here now. Lucian will want an explanation for where his Espeon ended up, and they will look when it arrived here, and then they’ll find out that it was the day Hunter J attacked the post office. One thing comes to another and, whoosh, I’ll get into serious trouble, ending up in jail if I get especially unlucky, which I just will.” She sat down on the stairs of the entrance to the second meeting room, the very place where she and Will and confessed their feelings to each other. The place now a stage for entirely different emotions. Hiding her face behind her hands, she was close to crying.

Will stood there helpless for a moment, not knowing how to comfort his girlfriend. He did not know about the inner workings of the league, the delicate structures and complexes, as he was all too new to everything. Still, he was sure that while Sabrina was right about it being a tad bit more serious than the egg incident, he didn’t think that it was worth crying and worrying over. Sabrina wasn’t at complete fault; no one could scold her for not being able to single-handedly take down a vicious Pokemon hunter she did not know a thing about, especially when her powers had been blocked.

“Dear, please, don’t cry...” He kneeled down next to her; taking her hands slowly off her face and wiping away the hints of tears that dared to appear. “I promise you...there will be a way out of this. I won’t let you get all the blame for this accident. I won’t let you go to jail. I won’t.” He embraced her, burying his face in her hair as he did so, for once admitting his addiction to her plainly. There had been so many women in his life, but for none of them he had felt this much. None of them had been as perfect as his dear. “Even if I have to talk with Lance personally.”

“No, Will, no.” She pushed him away with a frown, shaking her head. Her tears had stopped, as she couldn’t cry when being this close to him and feeling his concern for her, his comfort. She had realized that crying had no real use; she had to give it up. “You don’t have to do this for me. In the end, it’s something I have to stand up for, something I have to deal with.” She smiled, kissing his cheek. “But thanks for promising help. You’re sweet, you know that?”

He smiled sheepishly. “I’m a gentleman.”

Sabrina returned his smile, stroking what was exposed of his cheek and not hidden by his mask. “You’re right, it was wrong for me to freak out so much...” She sighed. “We should try to get some breakfast now, as the others will surely wonder where we are...after being away for the whole of yesterday.” She laughed. At least yesterday had been quite...romantic. A whole new experience for her. And incredible experience. She still shivered when she thought about her life before and her life then-her new life, finally filled with love.


Sabrina almost choked with laughter when Misty rolled her eyes and walked out of the room as soon as she saw the couple, Will’s arm around her waist and Sabrina’s head leaned onto his shoulder. “We must be really getting on her nerves...”

Will laughed as well, kissing her hair quickly. “If she thinks so...I don’t see a reason to be annoyed because of showing true love.” Erica had already noticed their arrival as well, nodding in their direction and patting Misty’s now empty seat.

“Nice to see you two.” The grass type gym leader winked at them. “I hope you’re feeling better, Sabrina. Will told me last morning that you didn’t want to come down for breakfast.”

Sabrina smiled at Will before sitting down. “Yes, I am feeling much better.” She could feel Will’s ease as she said that, knowing that he had still been worried about her, worried that she might not be able to call her mind off the difficult dealing with Lance that laid before her. “I guess I was a bit too tired to come down yesterday, but thankfully, I have a handsome gentleman who is nice enough to bring me breakfast in bed, eh?” Will blushed and mumbled something that stayed unheard.

Erica smiled at that. She had never thought that it would be possible for their seemingly eternal single to find such a wonderful boyfriend. Unlike others, though, Erica was not jealous. She was not interested in Will, not that interested in boys either, and because of that, she was simply happy for her fellow gym leader. Might others disagree with her, she was of the opinion that Sabrina had deserved it.

But as happy as the two now were, Erica wondered how long it would last.

“Getting a boyfriend is not that hard...” she mused, staring at the ceiling with bright, shining eyes. Lance had employed the best artists to paint the walls of their main dinner rooms. “The hard thing is to keep him...”

Sabrina sighed. “Oh, I know how right you are, I sure know that.” She glanced at Will, yet he remained silent, feeling still a bit ashamed to have caused his girlfriend so much pain. She patted him slightly on the back, indicating with a comforting glance that she was not angry at him anymore. He answered her gesture with a sad smile, not completely convinced.

Erica shook her head, sadness playing around her delicate features. “No, no, I don’t mean the incident with Janine. I have to go back home in a few days, Sabrina. What will become of you two then? You can’t see each other every day then...”

“Um...” Sabrina and Will stared at each, speechless. To tell the truth, they hadn’t thought about a solution for that problem yet. While the fact that they had to depart very soon was openly in their minds, they had expelled it from their consciousness enough to not feel the pressure to think of a way to meet again. Sabrina lowered her head. She knew what Will would ask, without having to read his mind at all, and it felt so bad to turn down his idea. She took his hand in hers and squeezed it slightly, shaking her head so slightly that Erica was not able to notice it. <I cannot teleport every day from Saffron to Indigo, Will, I’m so sorry. I wish I could, yet even my powers have a limit and there’s a reason I came here with the Magnet Train. Indigo is just too far away of a location for me to teleport.> She looked up, trying to cheer him up with a smile. And still she knew deep inside this smile was just not making up for it, she knew she would feel just as miserable and down as he felt then. They had been very close over the span of a whole month now, not really separated by distance yet, if emotional distance was not counted in. No one knew yet how their relationship would react to this new situation, this loneliness. A loneliness which scared both of them.

Erica glanced over the couple sympathetically, even without being able to really depict the complete extent of their pain; she knew how hard it had to be for the two to realize that everything that was left for them was a weekend relationship and looking at how tight both of their schedules were, even that was a hopeful wish clashing with reality.

Sabrina snuggled closer to Will, her cup of tea levitating in front of her face as her hands were still busy holding his. He stroked her cheek silently, before whispering a few words to her, as he hadn’t even started training telepathy yet, so any attempt of his was going to end in failure for sure. “Don’t worry, we’ll find some way out of this, just like with other problems, hm?” She looked up at him, not really convinced but not voicing her disagreement either. Maybe she was realistic, maybe she was pessimistic. Maybe both.

Erica again smiled at this. She nodded with closed eyes. “Love will always find a way, isn’t that true?” The psychics nodded at that, even if just to keep their hopes up.

Several heads were turned around when the door of the dinner room opened and an all too familiar clacker of high heels was heard, echoing off the stony ground. Many faces beamed with smiles at the woman walking in, yet she ignored them as if they were simple air, heading straight for one table, keeping her mysterious, reserved but distantly friendly smile.

Sabrina braced herself already for a catastrophe, unwillingly and unconsciously digging her fingers into Will’s vest, causing him to yelp. She apologized under her breath, her eyes still fixed on Cynthia, who headed straight for them. Will, noticing this as well, kept her hidden behind him, ready to take the assault for her if needed. While Sabrina had insisted on keeping her independency, he was a gentleman and he would protect her, even against her will if absolutely necessary.

Cynthia stopped in front of their table, glancing over Erica, who had welcomed her with a silent nod and had now resumed to eating her toast. Sabrina felt the tension of the situation, yet she did not know why. She knew why she was feeling uneasy, but there was something around them that seemed to make her even jumpier.

Will looked around. Just like Sabrina, he felt that something was wrong, but unlike her, he caught the source after a moment. “Erica, would you please?” He asked kindly, with an undertone that told more than a thousand words however. He was not happy about having to shush off someone, but the silent pressure Cynthia managed to put onto them was unbelievable. She managed to get her own seat without even asking. Silently, Will wondered if that was the so called ‘endless superiority’ every champion called his, or in this case rather her own, but on the other hand, he had never seen Lance acting so offensive. Not even in the years before he became a member of the league, when all he saw of the champion was from TV reports and newspaper articles. And he was pretty sure that the news covered all of Lance’s life, after experiencing that pretty much that was the case now with him. He did not hate the media for that, but sometimes, he felt it was a bit too much for his dear, the way she reacted to reporters...

But that was nothing compared to the way she was acting now around Cynthia. Sabrina seemed almost...frightened. She kept most of her body hidden behind his, only glancing slightly around him. Yet Cynthia kept her never ending, mystifying smile. “I hope I’m not bothering you two.”

“No, you aren’t.” Will answered, though it was rather the ‘right thing to say’ than the ‘right answer’.

Cynthia smiled again. “Well, I’ve come here because I need you two to do me a little favour.”

Will frowned. That was as informative as advertisements. “A little favour, I see,” he said, letting as little distrust in his voice as he could. It was still possible that Cynthia did not know a thing about either the mix-up of the egg and the statue or the involvement of Sabrina in the case of the missing Espeon, so he did everything not make her suspect a thing. “About what, if I may ask?”

Cynthia laid her head into her right hand, glancing around Will and noticing the uneasy Sabrina, who stared emotionlessly at the wall opposite of Cynthia. “Lucian’s Espeon.”

“Ouch!” Will yelped when Sabrina’s fingers bore themselves so hard into his clothes that it left small marks on his skin. He glared at her, for her behaviour was neither helping his body to stay physically unharmed nor her innocence staying proven. Sabrina glared back just as fiercely and Will winced when she nearly tore his vest apart just with her finger nails, reminding him painfully of who was the stronger one in their relationship.

“What is with it?” The psychic elite trainer asked, forcing himself to ignore Sabrina’s actions. He didn’t seem to do very well, as Cynthia chuckled each time he flinched.

The Sinnoh champion sighed, an almost unreadable sadness enveloping over her face. “Well, as I told you after our battle, dear Will, Lucian’s Espeon did not arrive in time here in Kanto.” She closed her eyes. “Now it seems as if it was not only delayed, but also got stolen.”

Her fingers were going to leave some marks on his body, that was for sure now. His side would be covered in bruises, not to mention the cuts in his clothes.

“Now, I just happen to know from investigating the post office files that Espeon arrived on the day Hunter J caused havoc there.”

Will wondered if his inner organs would survive any more squeezing and how it would look like if he just passed out after having some virtual veins cut off.

“And...well, since you were there, Sabrina, I hoped you could...” Cynthia paused. “Ehm, I don’t think it’s that comfortable if you break your boyfriend’s rips.” Sabrina blinked, she had not noticed that she quite close to doing that with, amazing surprise, only her left hand. She had never suspected herself to have that much power.

“No, she’s not hurting me.” Will gasped, knowing very well that reality was proving him wrong. She was not hurting him, she was abusing him physically!

Cynthia laughed. “Oh, of course not, I see, my sweeties. Love makes you invulnerable.” For a second, a split second, anger flashed over her face, as if she had said something that she didn’t want to say, something that was too painful for even her to say aloud, yet that emotion disappeared as soon as it came. “Anyway, I hoped you could help me with getting the Espeon back. I’m fairly sure it’s Hunter J who has captured it, and since she’s a professional, there’s a high chance that the Espeon is already not in Kanto anymore, rather shipped somewhere in the world to a paying client.” Cynthia bit her lip. “But if there’s still a chance that the Espeon has escaped her and is somewhere in these mountains, I know you two could find it. You’re both psychics, you’re naturally bound to psychic Pokemon, isn’t it like that?”

Finally, Sabrina spoke up again, in a voice that was a business as it could get. “Yes, that is right, Miss Mo-, Cynthia, I mean.” She corrected herself, reminding herself of the informality promise they had given each other days ago. “Yet...I don’t see why you haven’t called the league officials. Aren't the police better...equipped for this job?”

Cynthia’s face was stony and noticing this, Will felt the impulse to grab Sabrina’s hands and squeeze them tightly, too. He knew that Cynthia was psychic, and he knew that she was likely a stronger psychic than him. The only thing he did not know what whether she was stronger than his girlfriend- and hopefully, if worse came to worse, protector, Sabrina. “I did contact the police. Earlier than Lucian, if I may add. He...doesn’t seem to care so much about his Pokemon.” Will raised an eyebrow. Just two days ago, he seemed to have completely lost his battle spirit because of his loss. And now he wasn’t caring about that Espeon anymore? Something was off there...

“Yet, I think that the search might be in fact a success if more people are in it. I hope you’re more triumphant than the police, with you actually knowing both the Pokemon we’re speaking of, and, of course, also knowing the mountain area where it might roam.” Cynthia paused, looking over both trainers. “So, will you do it? It has already been cleared up with Lance, so you don’t need to worry about your jobs being at stake if you take a few days off...”

‘Really? Our jobs not at stake?’ Sabrina still couldn’t get over her fear of being accused, so she stayed silent, for the first, and probably also last, time, giving Will the chance to answer for her.

Her boyfriend was just as uneasy as she was. ‘I guess our little mountain adventure will only be out of the news when we’re already married and retired...’ He glanced over her, wondering if she had caught his thought, before remembering that she did not read his mind. Luckily, because the sheer thought of marriage hadn’t crossed either mind yet and Will felt nervous being the first one to do so. A sign?

“Well, I guess we can give it a try...can’t we, dear?” He looked over his shoulder to glance at Sabrina and thus, busting his probably one and only chance at being the boss. She didn’t answer him at first, her eyes fixed on Cynthia, then, she looked back at him. Knowing that telepathy was no use, since Will didn’t know how to properly answer, she just nodded. Fortunately for her, as Cynthia had expected such a thing from the other psychic and was prepared for a quick mind reading of the weaker psychic.

“It’s settled then.” Cynthia stood up, still looking at the two trainers. “I’m afraid I can’t give you more information, as I myself don’t know where the Espeon went. Yet it should be obvious that there aren’t many, if at all, wild Espeon here in the mountains, so if you find one, it’s likely to be Lucian’s.” The champion laughed, but her laugh quickly stopped and she turned serious. “Be careful when you meet Hunter J. As you’ve already experienced”, She nodded to Sabrina,” she's as good as a trainer as well as perfect dealing with her gadgets. She’ll most likely find something to counter your powers.”

“Well, not that hard, considering how weak mine are...” Will joked. Cynthia joined his laughter shortly, before wishing them good luck and leaving. The tension immediately disappeared. Will leaned back with a sigh, causing Sabrina to growl at him and moving out of his way, in the end causing him to fall from his chair onto his back, with his legs still lying on the chair’s seat. Sabrina forced herself to smile at his, and yet deep inside, she felt anything but happy.

Still laughing, the gym leader helped him up again, glancing at the other girls in the room and keeping them on distance with a sharp glare. Even with Janine out of the pool of possible competitors, she still had to stay on alert, knowing now that there was an alliance of enemies. She just didn’t know any of the members, with the exception of Claire, who was prone to be the leader of the union. “Seems as if the last days of the meeting get exciting again!” Will mused while laughing.

Sabrina sighed, rolling her eyes. Her definition of excitement was not exactly met, even if it was spring then, as she still wasn’t that interested in roaming the mountains. Even alone with Will. Societies’ advantages just prevailed. Besides, she had enough camping for a whole year. “Let’s hope we find the Espeon soon, I don’t want to spend a week without electricity and warm water again!”

Will chuckled, standing up and kissing her cheek. “Don’t forget, we had warm water.”

She glared at him, the memory of the hot spring bath and his, in retrospect now clearly identified as one, advancing on her still fresh on her mind. “For one day...” Sabrina answered sardonically, sitting down to finish her breakfast. Will was still standing next to her, irresolutely. “Come on, sit down and eat. I said that we should start searching soon, but I think after breakfast is soon enough.” Will nodded uneasily. He wondered if he should tell her about Cynthia’s powers, unsure if it was wise to worry his girlfriend even more. She had certainly not taken the meeting lightly, his hurting side speaking a clear language regarding that, and if there was one thing he did not want, it was to trouble Sabrina any more, not to mention that he didn’t want to have his skin cut open by her fingernails in case she freaked out again. Maybe he could snuggle this little piece of information past her until Cynthia and Lucian had left, and then it wouldn’t be of any importance anymore. And, who knew, maybe there was no reason for them to confront Cynthia even during her current residency anymore? Maybe the Espeon would be found by the police soon enough for them to cancel their involvement.

On the other hand, Lucian had said that it was Cynthia’s goal to create a scandal with the help of the attack on the post office, and now, thinking about it, it seemed to be obvious that mentioned plan was coming into action and Sabrina had indeed a place in it.

Will looked to the side, swallowing his nervousness. Sabrina had been honest with him, and now there he was, plotting on lying to her, or at least withholding a great deal of important information from her. No gentleman would ever do that.

He sighed. He should tell her and he was going to tell her. But not there, it was not the right place. Biting his tongue, he finally faced the psychic again, who had already started to notice his distress, but hadn’t asked yet, giving him the time to prepare. “After breakfast...could we go somewhere private? There are a few things I think I need to tell you...”


Silently, the woman stopped after leaving the room, closing the door behind her so quiet that no one inside noticed it. However, she didn’t depend on the absence of noise. Everyone had seen her enter, if she had wanted to stay shrouded in darkness and mystery, like usual, one could almost dare to say, she would have done it the right way. Now the only thing that was left for her was to wait. Jenny did not need to know about her new pursuers, nor was there any need for Lucian to know about this change in plan. If she would ever consecrate him, it could wait until their trip to Indigo was over, until the news of their break-up had reached Sinnoh. Briefly, Cynthia wondered why she had forced Lance to take care of any overseas reporters that might have had the chance to spread the news, when she had wanted to embarrass Lucian, to break up with him. When nearly everything she had done there had either the purpose of humiliating Indigo’s league or of finally breaking up with the man who cared more about his books than his girlfriend and had managed to ignore her for too long, not to mention that he had ‘forgotten’ her birthday and their anniversary, just because of some stupid book exhibition...

Cynthia sighed deeply. The more she thought about it, the more hate rose within her. While she did not want Lance to take up the place as her boyfriend, she knew it would do Lucian right to see her happily together with another man. Maybe then he would recognise his mistake. His mistake to disregard her and, in the end, to believe her that she would come back to him. No. She would never come back.

Growling, Cynthia was suddenly startled when she noticed new thoughts rising in the mind of the weaker psychic. He wasn’t going to, he just couldn’t!

Cynthia looked back to the door, not sure if she would burst in and stop this flaw in her plan immediately, but then, she relaxed. Who cared if he told her about her powers? There was no chance that she could harm the Sinnoh champ...not as if she would try that, anyway.

Cynthia ran one hand through her hair before closing her eyes and walking down the stairs in silence. It was unlikely that those two would ever bother her. It was a bit sad, though, as they seemed to be such a beautiful couple, and if her plan went on correctly, they would be the main focus of all the blame. It was pitiful.

Cynthia looked back, swallowing. Maybe it was more than just pitiful. Maybe it was wrong.


Sabrina had heard and experienced a lot in her life already, especially a lot of myths and rumours regarding psychic powers. She had thought she had literally seen everything, but after the conversation with Will, she had to calm herself down for a moment and settle her thoughts, not to mention her standing up hair. She hadn’t told Will, but she was not only surprised, but also slightly scared. Normally, she could feel the presence of every psychic around her, at least if said psychic had knowledge of his powers and was able to work with them, reason why it taken her so long to notice Will’s powers. It had a lot to do with subconsciousness and awareness, and the fact that before his intense training, Will’s only ability had been a teleport of inanimate things, a skill so tiny that it could slip her mind. After all, when one was around other, weaker psychics all day, the mind could get used to the constant presence of other sources of powers. Maybe that was also the reason why she hadn’t felt Cynthia’s powers before... No, Sabrina shook her head. That was not the explanation. She had tried to identify the champion’s mind from all the others, as soon as Will had told her about Lucian’s revealing, but it had been a fruitless attempt. And that meant either that Lucian had lied, or, and Sabrina started to shudder, that there had finally been one psychic found that was stronger than her.

She was scared.

Startled when Will put his hand on hers, Sabrina looked up. She had been nervous already when he wished to be alone with her, even more nervous when he had invited her to the little restaurant from earlier again, and just ordering coffee for both of them, with Sabrina resisting and insisting on having tea, again. There were just too many kinds to choose from there, especially the special teas produced in the mountains...

But she had never expected her whole view of the world to be shaken.

“Will, this...” She let one hand run through her hair in a nervous fashion, tousling and splitting the ends even more. Sabrina shook her head. “This is not good. Not good at all.”

“I’ve expected this.” Will sounded much calmer than she was, but he didn’t know about the pecking order in the psychic society. Sabrina had been the leader until then, without doubt, yet, if one psychic stronger than her had truly been found, that position was in dire danger. Sabrina gulped. She just couldn’t let that happen. She had trained for so long, literally gave her soul for the authority over Saffron’s gym and its psychics, she would not give up that easily. Hadn’t Will said that Cynthia had kept her powers hidden from the public? Now why had she done something that peculiar? It didn’t make any sense...

Will shrugged. He had wondered about it, too, but he had assumed that it was simply a quirk to keep paparazzi away, as the Sinnoh champ had most likely enough of those already hushing around her. However, that didn’t make much sense either, as Sabrina had proven that she could very well keep the majority of reporters away with exactly those powers, as most unwanted guests knew she had a special treatment for films. He should ask her how the trick worked, Will mused inwardly.

Sabrina shook her head. This was getting way out of her hand and sadly, she did not know any way out of it, either. They had promised Cynthia to search for Lucian’s Espeon now and even knowing that everything was probably a farce, leading to something more dreadful, they couldn’t just snuggle out without a good explanation. And there wasn’t any.

She sighed. “Well, I guess we just have to wait and see now.”

Will nodded, but something was still on his mind. Something that then, at least in his opinion, made a lot more sense. It was just a question of whether Sabrina agreed with him... “Now that we know that Cynthia is much bigger did the probability get that she indeed mind-controls Lance, hm?” He allowed himself a smirk, a rare sight for someone as polite as him. At the same time, he couldn’t fight the feeling that his curiosity and mistrust had triumphed over Sabrina’s rationality.

Sabrina sighed, suppressing an angrier growl, swallowing it with a sip of her tea. “They didn’t get any higher, Will. I already told you what is needed to control Lance the way he is right now. Complete knowledge of all of his actions, thoughts, behavioural characteristics, etc, etc... you can’t seriously tell me you believe Cynthia has a book of miracles in her suitcase where every scene in his life is written down, telling her what he would do, say and think. Please, Will...” She rolled her eyes. “Stay sane.”

“Not easy around you and all of that psychic stuff.” He winked at her, weakening his words with a well-placed sip of his own coffee. “Although...” He turned serious again, facing her directly. “Isn’t it a bit weird that Cynthia is psychic, has a plan to ruin Indigo’s league and then, boom, our champion turns unreasonable? Not as if he was before, but this just took the cake, didn’t it kinda?” Will paused, looking at his nearly empty cup. “Not to mention that Cynthia is again directly involved. It’s her who Lance hanging around now. And well, you said that a psychic who has control over someone needs to stay around him all day, and that is what Cynthia does right now, isn’t it?”

“Lance wasn’t around when we met her in the dining room...” Sabrina mused, not able to hide her smile.

Will sighed, putting his hands behind his head. His girlfriend was right, Lance hadn’t been with Cynthia back then. But then again, hadn’t Sabrina also said that any hint of the former relationship would destroy the efficiancy of the dark attack? And maybe Cynthia had viewed the risk that one of them would have mentioned Claire- not to mention that said woman was seated in the same room as the one the conversation took place in, as being too high, and so, she hadn’t taken Lance with her. On the other hand, that meant that Cynthia had to be a dark psychic indeed. And that was just not possible. Or at least Sabrina thought so. But she had also not noticed Cynthia’s powers, so there was a chance that she was now wrong again...

He blinked. Just now, it had crossed his mind that he had forgotten to ask about one particular important detail. One that he was quite sure Sabrina knew about, no matter how dark the matter was. “How do you get somebody mind-controlled, anyway? What’s the technique behind?”

Sabrina snickered. She really had to snicker, each time she started this lesson with her students, no matter what time it was, or what students she had sitting in front of her. And it wasn’t different either with her boyfriend sitting opposite of her. “Well, both mind-control and mind tainting require intimidate physical contact.”

Will blushed and Sabrina literally burst out with laughter.

“Oh, dear, of course that does not mean that said persons have to sleep with each other.” She snickered, putting a finger to her lip and teasing him with her winking. “Though I have to admit it is one efficient way of getting somebody under mind control, though if you can gather the necessary concentration during these antics, I doubt it...” She continued to snicker. “A simple kiss is intimate enough.”

“Okay...” Will couldn’t suppress the shudder that went down his spine, not to mention how uneasy he felt around the topic. If a kiss was enough...

He sighed helplessly. “We’ll start searching for the Espeon tomorrow no matter what. It’s not as if we have another chance, right?”

Sabrina nodded, not commenting the sudden and unexpected increase of self-assertion of her boyfriend.

End of Chapter 6, Part 3
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