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NEW! Three new Pokémon, tell me whay do you think?

Name: ???
Type(s): Normal / Flying
Species: Hatchling Pokémon
Abilities: Early Bird
Description: N/A.
Moves: Rollout, Fake Tears, Peck, etc.
Evolution Chain: Evolves when exposed to a Reaper Cloth.

Comments: Aw.
Palettes: Poochyena, Murkrow, Clefable, Togetic

Name: Pavidisus
Type(s): Ghost / Flying
Species: Scavenger Pokémon
Abilities: Pressure
Description: N/A.
Moves: Shadow Ball, Pain Split, Drill Peck, etc.
Evolution Chain: Evolved.

Comments: None.
Palettes: Poochyena, Umbreon, Clefable, Togetic

Name: ???
Type(s): Normal / Fighting
Species: Punching Pokémon
Abilities: Iron Fist
Description: N/A.
Moves: Fire Punch, Mach Punch, Spit Up, Close Combat, etc.
Evolution Chain: Evolved from ???.

Comments: None.
Palettes: Slakoth, Slaking, Vigoroth
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