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Originally Posted by trebornosliw View Post
I think you have to find blackglasses for some guy, but I haven't a clue where they are, and I've looked everywhere I could think of. It's driving me into even more serious insanity... I think I'm going to cheat and open the thing in Advance Map.
*was instantly incinerated by a lightning bolt*
Lol, just look at my post below.

@your other post: I'll let you know if I need any ideas

Originally Posted by destinedkieron View Post
I am stuck in route 1 is that the end of the alpha or is there a certain event?
Okay, route 1....


There's a reason why the Knox Grunt was wearing a pair of glasses... And why he threw them away. Unless you haven't battled them yet, or even encountered them.

Go to the bottom corner of the map and talk to them, then try to go back to the Glasses guy. He's going to talk to you about them, and you go back to the Knox Grunts and battle them. They'll leave behind the BlackGlasses.

New Updates; Screenshots

I have some screenshot updates from a completed Team Knox Event. Hint: This is where you supposedly get a Totodile somehow, and it's not going to be the same as when you got Cyndaquil. Guess what Pokémon's next?

Screen(s) are below.
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