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Quote originally posted by loitraitim:

Hm... I think this broken font very bad!
If you leave the font as the old-tittle-screen it is beautiful!

The tree's not very nice, colors are... don't use it, ok?

Togepi agh...
Togepi do in Searound City?
It is not a event??
The main tree? Oh yes, it'll be changed. :D
And the text, i think it's ok.:\
Togepi don't have a event....

Quote originally posted by Scorching Shadow:
Umm what language do yyou speak? I've notice some grammar errors and might be able to help you, HOPE I CAN HELP
Thanks, My English is not good. :\It's bad. You can correct my mistakes of all my posts or this hack any time you can in this topic.

The work for demo version is almost finished. We're making for some new tiles. If I'm lucky, the version will be able to release tomorrow.

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