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Pokémon Stadium Advance!
Hack of Emerald

There basically isn't even one... not even the original had one. I've had the idea to remake Stadium on GBA for awhile now, as some people may have seen me ramble on about in random convos on MSN. You might say that remaking it on GBA would come out odd, and it will, to a point. I'm remaking it in RPG format(as in, you can walk around to get to the in-game places, and what not, there will be NPCs, etc), and limiting the rental aspect of the game, so you can actually raise a team of your own from battle to battle. The systems for the game's features I already have planned out, you'll just have to wait and see. Anyways, in general this is going to be a pretty short project... the main thing that is only somewhat time consuming about it is adding extra goodies. I'm doing this project for myself, so if you don't like the idea, I won't lose any sleep on it. At some point I probably will remake Stadium 2, too.

- Stadium remake, in RPG format
- New areas
- New tiles
- Some 2nd and 3rd generation Pokémon availible/appear
- Weather system
- NPCs added, all of which will originate from people here on PC
- I'll add more later.

I'm going to be adding everything I can from the original as features, and then some. Even things like the GB tower, which, in it's case, will be where accessibility to places like the Union Room will be.

It wouldn't be in Scrapbox if I had some... Anyways, I have got enough progress to take screenshots, but I'm reworking a few things instead, for a better overall result. Screenshots I'll put up later, and eventually get this moved to Progressing Hacks.

If I don't have screenshots, what makes you think I have videos?

Coming soon!

None besides for myself yet. This is going to be a solo hack, so in this section it'll be at a minimum for credits for things like banners, if people decide to make any besides myself.