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Originally Posted by mystic dragon
well does anyone know how to put flames or sometin around the words?
There is a technique I use for that kind of thing, actually.

that animation is one of my earlier ones and isnt very good, however when the words 'black dragon clan' comes up you'll see they are made to look like they are on fire. I dont know if thats what you meant by flames, but if it is, get the words onto a graphics program that has a 'smudge' tool or something similar. If you put a few lines of orange and red around your words, then drag the smudge tool across them, you can run them together and pull them outwards by smudging, making them look like flames. I also use the same method doing flames in my pics, see below:

Those flames were done with the method I just said.

Dunno if that helps any.

Thanks to Andy/Arcanine for the great banner above
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