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Originally Posted by PokemonPlatnum View Post
Very, very nice 00Vampire!
I hope this agme gets completed :D
I'll try my best
Originally Posted by Mclenz View Post
Dude your battle system looks amazing, i wish you good luck!
Originally Posted by Miralci View Post
Is the pidgey going to be moving all the time during the battle? I just ask because then maybe you should let the kakuna move too (just a bit up and down or something like that...
I'm trying that out now

I like the pidgey, it's cute
I think so too

(off topic: A game for your mother's birthday! That's so nice! What kind of game is it?)
It was a Deal or No Deal game that involved me voiceover-ing lots of wacky characters and doing different accents, really fun to do.

Again: Good luck with the game!
Originally Posted by Darkraza View Post
this looks great, and your ideas are great as well.
One of the main things of this game that is great is the fact of all the gameplay changes, many fan games here have a diferent storiline but same gameplay, they have nice graphics but same gameplay. In both these cases i look at images of the game, but im never really interested in playing it. ( i would say this and protectors are the most "revolutionary" here )
I take that as a massive complement, thank you.
Originally Posted by Darkraza View Post
BTW, are you doing this with FR/LG graphics? i yes i have some ramdom recolors and edits you could use...
Originally Posted by Franlandia View Post
I am going to give you my opinion of your RPG, the graphics of fr/lg do not shine well in a Rpg If you change the graphics your game I liked it enough more.
Chances are I probably won't be using FR/LG graphics, the map I've used in the screenshots is just a test map from an old game. Don't know what sort of tiles I'll be using at the moment, as I haven't got around to mapping anything just yet. Thanks for the offer though Darkraza

Thought I'd include two more bits of eye-candy:

As you can see from the second shot, some battle animations will be a bit more literal.

More soon...

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