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Quote originally posted by egaro:
hey why does it freeze after the pokedex cut scene?
Huh, I'm not sure. I never had that problem.

Quote originally posted by rikudaman:
I too am having trouble after obtaining the Pokedex.

Also the Yellow City Gym is identical to the Viridian City Gym.

Trey says TM39 is Extreme Speed but it's still Rock Tomb.

The game messes up after you get into any sort of battle in Mt Shinigami.
I'm well aware Yellow City's Gym is still exactly the same.

I know, but the previous rom I was originally doing this on created a glitch TM in place of 39, so I'm waiting till later to actually edit that.

Wait, so it freezes right after you get the Pokédex?
God, the IPS seems to be creating glitches that weren't originally there.

The only one you mentioned was the Mt. Shinigami glitch that seems to exist on my rom. The other two were just me not getting around to editing them yet.

It looks like the Bug Catcher that gives you Treecko is the cause of the Mt. Shinigami glitch. Yep, he is.

When I make some corrections, I'll get out 1.1.

Changes that'll be in 1.1:
TM39 is now ExtremeSpeed as said in the dialouge.
You can enter Mt. Shinigami with no problems. All you can do in there as of right now, is catch wild Pokémon.
Hacks I'm currently working on:
DarkCopper (Only at 1st Gym Area)

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