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Originally Posted by ghostofherooftime View Post

So.. here are my questions. (HACK IS FIRE RED)
1. I know that a mew battle won't obey in Fire Red. And i understand that there is a setobedience script...but i have never been able to make it work. I had an idea though. Is there a way that you could slip a setobedience code into just talking to someone? like.....if you talk to them the pokemon who's in the first position will have full obedience? Could someone tell me if that would work and if so how would a script like that be written?

2. Is there a guide somewhere that will tell me how to add new overworld sprites not just edit the already existing ones?

3. Is there a way to add additional trainer sprites rather than just editing the already existing ones? if so could you tell me how, link me to a guide?

Thank you!
1. There is a way, I used to know it. I'll dig up some research and PM you if I remember.

2. Yes, there a few in the tutorials section, go check it out. :D

3. As far as I know, no there isn't. You'll just have to replace existing ones for the time being. In the future, who knows.