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Quote originally posted by RouIette:
Uhm, I'm interested in the adamant eevee.

I don't know if you want any of what I have, but this is what I can offer:

Rash Natured Pokemon Movie 8 Regigigas

Would you like to pick annother Eevee and l will trade for PM8 Regiggas

Quote originally posted by ckn:
well i do have alot of unlisted shinies like
jolly delibird
jolly pidgey
modest drowzee
adamant horsea stuff like that

Ahhh, Delibird would be accepted, do you have anymore GEN 1 Shinys? GEN 1 & 2 my fav pokemon lol

Quote originally posted by master.jimmy:
nero i need cleafairy and brave shiny eeve
can u tell me pls the nature of Weavile shiny?

Got you all sorted out, thank you for the trade.

Quote originally posted by yankee0724:
modest perfect iv's in speed and special attack cyndaquil for the bold eevee?

Hmmm would have to check it out myself before trade, stats?

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