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Originally Posted by k1ng0fh3artz View Post
I'm a noobie hacker and i've ben lookn throught these and i stopped at about 120 lol i dont want to look through all 450 so if you could help me out that'd be great

im trying to figure scripting out of course its a lil complicated but i'm slowly learning

i want to kno how i could change the way you get your starter pokemon like instead of the oak script make it a different one ex you go to leave and your "dad or mom" comes to get you and ask you to run a errand for him and lends you 1 of 3 pokemon and takes you back to your house to choose or just right there does it
Well the fact that you read through 120 pages is very impressive. Good for you!
Anyways, I would highly recommend reading either thethethethe's scripting tutorial or diegoisawesome's XSE adaptation of said tutorial. Both will get you on the right track if you want to learn how to script. Good luck!

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