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Genetic, i sure do ill get that to you next time im on kay?

IDawg i can just give those items to you xD i am not really into tms

Griffin, i have some of those in stock, but that request may take some time okay? i can do it, and nha i don't need anthing lol

Okay rockbaby i would really appreciate that

No not yet Nero, i should be getting a new one today or so thanks so much for your offer though, do you need anything i have?

Reec i can do that no problem

Kaisuki i can probably do that, ice punch and adamant nature will be easy i just can't remember if i got sowrdsdance anymore xD did you want the totidile nicknamed as well?

Yuhi, ahhh if you would have came a day or so earlier i would have loaned out my shaymin to you, but i do not loan out my pokemon naymore, sorry and i can not clone my pokes...i am really sorry...

and also remember to check back every once in a while to see if your requests are done :3
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