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Quote originally posted by CrystalRaven:
Sappy Suckss! the music always comes out sounding like mukt!
That my friend is your fault. If you put the time and effort into making the particular song sound good on the GBA it will not sound like "mukt". Most of the time if you straight take a midi and insert it, without any modification, it won't sound good. But if you take the time to learn what instruments sound good on the GBA, learn the GBA's limits and learn voicegroups and stuff, it can sound excellent. But yes, don't blame Sappy on your lack of knowledge.

Quote originally posted by FireOutCtrl:
I've tried this out and it works great so far, but I have a question regarding the 2005 version (which I'm forced to use as a vista user). It uses the format &####### when this tutorial and the voice group one use the format 0x######, which doesn't work for that version.

My question is, what exactly is the former format, and how does one convert between them?
Simple just change "0x" to "&H".
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