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Originally Posted by Curt_09 View Post
You cannot use more than sixteen colors at a time, and the first color on the palette is the background and will not show up. But remember, you have twelve palettes to work with. If you use the second color on the palette in palette zero, green, it will be the second color on the palette no matter which palette you use. It would be brown in palette one, red in palette two, blue in palette three, etc. Of course you can always edit the palettes.
Thank you very much for your response!
So you're saying that for one batch of the tiles I use palette 0 for their colors, and for the second batch of tiles just use palette 1 for their colors?

You see, I'm trying to add in some revamped HG/SS houses into a fire red hack but the 16 colors thing was stopping me.

Thanks again. :D