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Quote originally posted by MajorLeagueGamer:
To make the game MORE unique than it already is, will you have certain characters (based on popularity) be able to travel with you, or have a girlfriend(XD what the hell am I saying). I think you could add somethings along those lines Oh and I think the hero should speak

I can't say too much on this as I don't want to spoil the storyline.

While you don't exactly get a girlfriend (it's not really a road I want to explore in this game), you will become close friends with someone who is a girl. In fact it's integral to one of the storylines.

Quote originally posted by oldenmw:
sounds good. just wondering- what part of the game is the video going to be showing? or is that a surprise It's a surprise, mainly because I haven't decided yet.

i like the idea of certain characters traveling with you/girlfriend, but will they have pokemon? then you could have a 2v2 where you only control 1 pokemon

I'm not saying anything on this at the moment. Too spoiler-ish.


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