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-I hated James' Oak trick the first time, I don't like it any more this time around
-Though it was funny to see James sweat XD
-Professor Oak thinks he's researching those Water-types. Oh, you dumb little researcher, you...:V
-Yay Croagunk! c:
-Hahahaha, Piplup got what it deserved for being a stupid, pretentious little something or other. (that would be filtered if I tried to say it. See you next Tuesday?) ; Yes, I hate Piplup THAT much >:V
-Ash scanned Politoed AND Lombre! Is he THAT dense? :V
-I like that little BGM that plays when Oak waxes poetic. It's used in a lot of anime IIRC.
-Ludicolo always make me think of Miror B. Is that so wrong? His theme was amazing in XD. :V
-What's a KID DOING WITH A TYRANITAR?! You might as well have given him a grenade launcher FFS!
-Hahahaha, poor James. XD
-Aww, that Tyranitar turned from pissy grouch to sickeningly cute in a matter of seconds! =>

Next episode looks great, though I'm sick of the "eww brock, hope jun stays" comments on the YouTube videos. Noobs these days...Pretentious little...ah nevermind. >:V
"I've seen a lot of things, but this...This is a first."- Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, after meeting Rammus
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