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I'll start with Tamaki. Ok, I listened to the real version and then your version and it was like comparing Jesus to Miley Cyrus, which I admit you sounded like. That was not the best of both worlds, one world just plain sucked and the other world was just like her song, average. However, there was a nice tone that come up every now and then, work on that. I'm not saying because thats all about working to better your voice. Overall, I give it an ok.

You were beautiful to say the least, not much else to say. Sounded like rainbows singing Part of Your World, mermaid pitch and everything.

Maybe you should've taken a breather before you sung, I heard coughing. not to mention the lack of any appealing notes, it was boring. Please, don't hit me. It may not have been appealing, but it was bearable to listen to. Maybe choose a different song next time? I'd rather prefer you singing Delta Goodrem or Kelly Clarksons "Since You've been Gone."
wir hören ein singen im raum
singen im raum, singen im raum
wir jagen die monotonie
monotonie, monotonie
wir machen aus stunden ein jahr
und mondschein aus unserem haar
wir fliegen so weit wie noch nie
- jürgen paape (so weit wie noch nie, 2002)