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Welcome to the Graphics Event, this event was organized by, Mew Ichigo, Anastasia-R and Angela.. With help from our judges, Loki and Lightning and thanks to our Staff host Rukario and our 3rd judge Signomi, and extra thanks to Anastasia for providing the first post with these, beautiful, amazing banners.

Well as you can see on top, this is a Graphity contest, in other words, a banner making contest. To enter you must follow the theme given and the size set for the banner's, but this isn't just a normal banner making contest were you enter just one banner and have a week to make it.. Nono that's not the case.. In this contest you get 48 hours to make 4 banners, and if you are gonna enter that contest you must turn in 4 banners that follow the rules of this contest and the banners you enter must have been made within these 48 hours your given and you must make those banners by yourself, stealing other peoples work is punishable by PC rules and you will get disqualified if you break the rules....

Saturday, 11:59PM → submission deadline
Sunday → judging and winner announcements

Follow all PC Rules
Follow all G&P Rules
No poor sportsmanship

To enter this contest you must enter 4 banners, but what has to be on these banners, well were are about to find out...

All the banners must be this size: 370x150
First off you pick an anime that you will use on all the 4 banners, if you pick Bleach, then you must use bleach on all the banners. But using an anime is not enough, each banner will have it's own theme, and these are the 4 themes:

If you do not follow the rules above and the theme's given then your entry won't be entered into the contest.....

Ones the 48 hours are over the three judges, Loki, Signomi and Lightning will look at all the entry's and pick they're favorite entry's.. Giving the entry they like the most 3 points, then the entry they like 2nd best 2 points and the entry they like 3rd best 1 point... After they have compared notes the entry that got the most point will be the winner of this competition.. And win the award..

1st place is the only place that gets a prize.. The award is your very own sticky in the Graphics & Photography section for one month and the winning entry will be posted in an announcement in the Graphic & Photography section for everyone to see....But the top three contestants do get a emblem...

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