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Originally Posted by siper x View Post

how do you insert town maps?

I keep trying to make signpost items, but it doesn't work.
in my hack it is on a shrub. can you put 1 there?

how do you make it so you don't have to go to the 2nd city to get oak's parecel, but can get it in pallet town?

what is the xse script for:

geting a cubone lv 15 with pokerus,

in advance map (ruby)
how can you make a tree headbuttable?
what behavior byte do you use?

and an eevee lv 7 with a pokedex, and 5 pokeballs?
I'll make an attempt at these...
1. Do you mean "world map?" If you do, I'm not the one to ask, I'm currently being ignored on my own questions about that.

2. By signpost items I assume you mean hidden items. Well, if you check some of the in-game items, they have hidden IDs in A-Map. I'm not sure if this just numbers them or if each item must have a specific ID. I'm pretty sure it's the former. Just find an unoccupied number (hex).

3. Check out the Viridian Mart map in A-map. Go to header, press cntrl+H, and decompile the "map script." The event is basically just a level script. Now take that script, copy, edit as needed, drop it into a building in Pallet, and delete the old one (careful, there's a changemaptile in there... make sure you understand the script before messing with it).

4. I have no idea about the pokerus. A give-cubone script would be:
givepokemon 0x68(Pokemon hex number) 0x15(level) 0x0(item {non}) 0x0 0x0 0x0 (all 3 filler).

5. I have no idea, I don't mess with headbutting or Ruby.

6. Okay, so you'll need these in your script.
givepokemon 0x85 0x7 0x8B (oran berry) 0x0 0x0 0x0
giveitem 0x4 0x5 MSG_OBTAIN
setflag 0x828 (if it's your first pokemon)
setflag 0x829 (for the dex)
special 0x16F (for national dex, if you want it...)

That should cover it. You'll need the rest of the 'meat' for your script, obviously.
Sounds like you're working on something. If you have any more issues, you can PM me. It will give me something to do.

@Cello: for the script, just find it in A-map and check in the offset box (or, for a level script, go to pro-header view and check the 'map script' box). For the map, that should be in the map header section as well, though I haven't messed with that enough to be sure...
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