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Quote originally posted by Blue_Drifblim:
......Really? ......I was? ......Darn.

Well.... you posted last week's discussion thread that I thought Jorah was supposed to do, so I figured "Ahhh..... ok. I guess Jorah will do/does next week's, and I'll do the next one after that."

I guess one of these pictures is appropriate for me:

Jorah should have but she didn't.

Quote originally posted by Jorah:
But...why did thry bothet to change the opening video but show the episode in fullscreen?
Cartoon Network could've cropped it themselves since there are screenshots on Poké that are in widescreen.

Quote originally posted by Trap-Eds:
I liked that they updated the theme song with the scenes, but the pictures didn't really fit with the song.
I thought that they did. Especially since they sped through the sequences, which is something that I liked.
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