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I made a Pokemon-related crossword since the one here seems too hard for most of us (including myself)



1- This Pokemon is not known to many
3- A young girl trainer class
6- Pokemon are ___ monsters
9- Cave connecting Mahogany town and Blackthorn city
11- So it's not a legendary, but still has a movie with Mew
12- Pokemon hatch from these
14- Ash's rival who has a Honchkrow, Torterra, etc.
15- I wanna be the very ___
17- Your Pokemon will Struggle if it can't use one of these
18- Some Pokemon kick this up to lower their opponent's accuracy
20- The given name of the creator of Pokemon
21- An altered video game by fans
22- These brothers met Pikachu on Ash's birthday
23- The very first gym leader
24- The final entry in the alphabetized Pokedex
25- The first of two Pokemon whose name starts with y

2- There are two species with this name, one for each gender
4- Smeargle must be pretty good at this
5- So is this Pokemon a pre-evolution or not
7- Almia's ranger, he made an Anime appearance
8- Ash owes Misty one
10- Some Pokemon must be very ___ in order to evolve
13- ___ catch 'em all
16- Deoxys and Jirachi are from here, but Clefairy is questionable
18- Region in which Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum take place
19- A glitch found in the video games, named Missing ___
20- May's pink kitty Pokemon

If you can solve this one (which I'm sure you can) please PM me the answers!