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Yessu, teh Luxray line is definitely deserving of a place =^W^=

Hey, Delta?
Can you add NeonJellyTot to the member list? She'll be on soon; and she says she wants Espeon or Shinx for her partner~

Should eevee and it's line be dog,cat or if one should be cat state it?

well cat obviously because cats are teh shizz

I think eevee is described as cat racoon and dog (and maybe fox? :o) but some of its eeveelutions certainly resemble kitties (Espeon, Jolteon ftw)

imo eevee is a tanuki anyway :o

so yea, I think Espeon and Jolteon are cat-like (as is Eevee) but the others look more liek wolves or dogs /shrug
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