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Wichu, you inspire me to make a game of my own. If I was a bit older I could understand graphics and animations. Maybe endless nights of studing. Maybe as soon as I have my own computer. Very realistic, and you could make money out of this! (Don't be mean) I'd download it. Is there a release date yet? I bet it's gonna be better than Heartgold and Soulsilver.
Originally made up by Phaeser
I heartgold pokemon.... I also have my soulsilver attached to it.
The best Lineup eva!
1. Togekiss
2. Manaphy
3. Celebi
4. Gallade
5. Lucario
6. Lugia

Togekiss is to suprise the enemy and either defeat or suprise the enemy on how strong Togekiss is.
Manaphy and Celebi are to be strong, and defeat or make the enemy weary.
Gallade and Lucario are kind of strong, and to defeat or to make the enemy to his last of pokemon.
Lugia is to defeat the remaining pokemon with ease.