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I didn't this would be open overtime XD

Anyways, now announcing the Top 5 of the singing contest publicly.

iDawg, Paramnsiia, Tamaki, Sachie, Superfairy

Congratulations Contestants! :DDDDD Now YAY are we done?

...Nah, we are not done. Guess what is next?

The contestants have to compete against each other in the same way as the singing contest was carried out. However, this time, they will not get any results for sure and I will be a lot stricter.

So yaaaay kids...You have until Friday August 28th 11:59 PM Central Time (-6) to E-Mail me ( [email protected] ) or YouTube it, which is acceptable too.

Now, let us see cheering, rooting, fighting, and parties :D

Lol, I saw the BBCode parsed editing this XD. BTW, the staff should have the emblems soon
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