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What literary device (good examples) do you like to use most, which one the least, and which one would you like to write more of?
I'd have to say Anthropomorphism. The Protagonist in my fic an hear Pokemon talking, therefore it is shown that they have personalities and are not merely dumb animals. I don't use the actual form of humans in Pokemon(except in one case but that's different) but I retain their original form and only change the way they talk.

Also interested in Tragedy which will come into play I assure you. And Tragic Flaw. One of my protagonists greatest flaws is the fact that he has lost his memory. Other than that, he's a sadist(deep down inside) and almost a Nihilist to the point of ignoring Morality to a certain extent. This will come into play unless i change it... He does feel guilt, pain, and suffering but he feels it on a different level to that of regular people.
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