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Well you know what thay sez:

You learn somethng new everyday.

And welcome back Val, hope you had a funky ass trip.

I like flyng mahself, means somethng new fo me (travelng away), and yearnng ta come home (on tha way back). But it is funky ass ta not have ta live out of a luggage bag... (did that fo 9 months).

You know, I really gotsta start savng up fo it, but I want ta go ta New Zealand. And not just travel thare, but live thare...

By tha by, playng Arkhbe Asylum on X-box 360 is fun.

Okay new bold tapic that doesn't nvolve bebiguous words (or at least I hope not, haha):

When/if you do travel, d-ya try or purposely (even accidently), nclude settngs akn ta where you have traveled?

I haven't really given mahself tha opportunity ta do so (aside from some attempted RP settng which didn't work ta well). Anyway, fo tha future, however, I'd probably try ta nclude places similar ta that of Ndonesia, and tha Outback and Tasdawgia n Australia, even a bit of urban-ness if need be, fo Perth.