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Quote originally posted by Charaxes:
(I have a rental computer for a few weeks, so I figured to do the discussion, while I can. I'll be around quite a bit, now.

I didn't know that there was such a thing as a Rent-a-Com.

Quote originally posted by DoubleWide:
Perhaps Ash should find an Everstone for Pikachu.

As long as Pikachu stays away a Thunder Stone he won't need one. He's carried a Thunder Stone for 500 episodes without a hitch anyway.

Quote originally posted by Jolene:
I haven't had chance to watch the episode yet, but I still love the episode title.

I expect some people to say "Stop! In the name of love!" like someone on Sppf.

Quote originally posted by rikudaman:
I'm excited to see this Ping-Pong tournament, since Pokemon normaly evolve in tournaments in the D/P episodes.

I hate that episode. The dumbest event the writers did this saga.

Kenny's voice was weird in this episode. Well, it sounded too similar to Zoey's voice. Ms. Krempa why do you sound like Ms. Williams in this episode? Whatever. At least they gave us an explanation for why Piplup, at this point, will not evolve. They got that out of the way at least. It was a creative way to stop evolution using Bide which I haven't seen in a while. Good episode which isn't a filler.

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