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Quote originally posted by Feign:
Bay: Use of the following prompts in a fic or one shot or poem: Bartender, math equation, Tubular Bells, Mew-Two, and a Poetic Death scene.
Tempted to do this challenge. D:

And Shrike, I' ve been trying to come up with a challenge for you, but nothing yet. D: Other people haven't been mentioned yet, so you're not alone. I might take up your challenge, though.


If your character had gone to university, what would be their favourite course, and why?
Well, NE already mentions that considering almost all the characters already finished school and in their career paths. Bunny and Jacob favorite subjects are history and archeology, so Bunny's now an archeologist while Jacob is one too but also is a professor of History. There's a mention of Jenny graduating from a police academy, so now she's a police officer. You could say her favorite courses might be criminal justice and self defense. XD

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