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To answer my own question...

Name currently active members of the FFL (as many as you'd like). Okay, now what would you most like to see them write? (Name as many ideas as you'd like, keeping in mind the writer's usual style/past works/whatever.)

Giratina: In the words of one of my dear friends in response to an original fic I wrote, "Needs more apocalypse. :(" More psychotic legendaries, plz? Preferably of the cute variety?

Shrike: If I recall correctly, m'dear, you are a fellow sci-fi fan. So. Pokémon + spaceship = ?

txteclipse: Latias x Latios fluff. (Yes, it's twincest. If that makes you uncomfortable, some cutesy scene between them.)

Feign: OT crackfic.

icomeanon6: That approval note? ...Yeah.

The rest of you: The FFL gets transported to the Pokémon world. Unless, of course, I come up with something better to offer.

Originally Posted by Feign
I wasn't aware that we were playing Mad Libs. XD
I feel like this should be expanded upon.

If your character had gone to university, what would be their favourite course, and why?
Out of all of my characters who actually went to college, most of them probably camped out in the science buildings. A number of them were into a branch of biology of some sort, if not computer engineering. Or both, in the case of a certain handful who probably didn't sleep at all in those four years.

Originally Posted by Astinus
Unless Andy becomes a Pokemon trainer. Might be interesting to poke around with.
I approve wholeheartedly with this idea. Professor Oak will be heavily confused when Andy finds he has to use a door.
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