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Does anyone know where i can get the editor that edit proffesor bilch intro on sapphire ? ive been looking about for one that works for ages
...wrong place - this place is for discussion on fanfiction and other such insanities. =P - I'd check the FAQs or the such in the hacking sections: Look around first - probably some advice on that around on stuff like that somewhere there, I suppose. If not, ask there (Or google as well, perhaps?)

Oh, and I am a ninja now. =P But Valentine has a more specific thread as well, so use that for asking, I recommend.

What's all this about giving people random prompts? XD Looks like fun to discuss and all. But I have just recently discovered something. I believe it is called free time, but I fear it is only temporary, so I'll probably use that for other things. Lord knows how long it's been since I've actually done a chapter of my fic. D= And there's that other idea. That's cracky. And partly induced by Astinus.

Even if Buicks are about. =P

What's the current word-count on your active chaptered fics? says 99,927 for my fics - that's including a oneshot and short authors notes here and there as well. Nonetheless... I might pass the 100,000 word-count barrier for my main fic next chapter, or the one after. EDIT: For my main fic alone, it's 94,095 words...

....That's kinda inspiring, and scary at the same time... O_o