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Like Gba Games, in 4th generation games we can rip the graphic file.
In fact there are a lot of file into Narc archive that rapresented graphic.
In NDS pokemon Rom there are three important kind of file.

1.NCGR or .RGCN that rapresented the tileset part;
2.NCLR or .RLCN that rapresented the palette block;
3.NSCR or .RCSN that rapresented the tilemap part.
4.NANR or .RNAN that rapresented the animation part.

The method for ripping graphic is very simple.
The only difficulty is finding the right palette and map for a tile file
1 Open your ROM into Tahaxan
2 Search these type of file.
3 Click first on map file, then tile, and palette

Now we can save the image as a BMP. Like Unzl-Gba we can change the image size for insert the tiles into right position.

Some example

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