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Originally Posted by sandstone View Post
i've searched all over but i haven't seen the answer i seek anywhere.

my problem:

my rom image keeps crashing. its become such a big issue that i've had start over twice from scratch.

the first time i edited the script with offset $0000001 (didn't count the zeroes when i typed it, but the first one) its only had 'nada' or nothing commands so i thought it would be ok. i don't think it was. i think thats why it crashed. so i wont do that again

the second time I'm not sure why it crashed, heres my theory:
maybe its because i replaced the tileset of an indoor area with that of an outdoor area, because when i went through a warp point from the indoor area to that previously-outdoor area is when the rom image failed.

any info you could give would be helpful

fyi: if it matters ive been using unLZ-GBA, advance map, overworld editor, XSE, and YAPE

also anyone who would like to help me out from time to time, please let me know if you'd be ok with me PMing you with the occasional Q
Of course you froze, you inserted the script at 0x000001
Try opening up a clean ROM, and inserting the script at 0x800000.

Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
UNlz doesn't work. I don't even see any trainer images on it. Just fuzzy stuff. That other thing doesn't work either.
unLZgba is a searching program, you need to keep clicking 'next' until you see the image you want.
(Look around 1600...)
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