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Edited and Corrected Story -

A long time ago, the world was a wonderful place.
All creatures in the world lived together in peace and harmony.
Until ...
In the middle of a dark forest , a mystic dark , red Gem appeared.
Suddenly , all Pokemon in the forest became evil.
Fire pokemon burned down some parts of the forest.
Flying pokemon started to eat the bug pokemon.
Ground pokemon created huge earthquakes.
The forest guardian Celebi tried to stop this mess but it couldn't stop them all.
And in the end , the forest guardian disappeared .

When the forest guardian was gone , some humans became worried.
They tried to remove the stone from the forest but nobody even reached the Gem.
But then a mystical man in a cape from the Jotho region appeared.
He claimed that he was Dragon Master and said that he would destroy the red Gem.
Everybody laughed at him and said that he never would return.
But brave as he was , he traveled through the forest and found the Gem.
He tried to destroy the Gem but nothing worked.
He knew that if he didn't destroy the Gem , everybody would laugh at him . So , he summoned his Gyarados and ordered him to eat the Gem.
The moment the Gem was eaten , everything returned to normal .Except the Gyarados of the Dragon Master.
The blue color of the Gyarados changed to red and he became ill.
He returned his Gyarados and ran through the forest to the closest Pokemon Center.
The nurse in the Pokemon Center healed the Gyarados as good as she could.
And when the Gyarados was fully healed , he was out of control.
He destroyed the Pokemon Center and fled to the forest. The Dragon Master ran after him as quick as he could.
And in the forest he saw something he would never forget.
The forest guardian had returned and stopped the Gyarados with a Red Scale.
When it saw the Dragon Master , it gave the Red Scale to him as a gift for rescuing the forest.
The forest was saved .

500 Years later , the 3 Gems appeared in the Kitaura region.
One in a forest
One in a lake
And one in a cave.


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